Five Tips for Writing Effective Amazon Product Descriptions

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Amazon, Ecommerce

Amazon is the world’s most competitive e-commerce chain. Any product description writing you submit needs to be concise, appealing and informative. These features will make your e-commerce content writing stand out in a sea of content. Here are some specific pointers for developing high-value content that leads to conversions.

Reach Out to Audience1) Reach Out to The Audience

Start your e-commerce product description with succinct information about the product and all its features. The buyer should be able to visualize using the product with your description alone. The 2000-character field should start with the features and benefits of the product and segway into information about your company: it’s inspiration and background. This personal touch helps customers identify with your company and its brand message. Be sure you research the intended audience and use an appropriate on-brand tone in all your e-commerce content writing.

2) Use Bullet Points

This is the simplest and most powerful way to communicate features in your product description writing. Introduce your bullet list with a short paragraph, then keep one feature per bullet. This easy-to-scan format helps the buyer with a purchasing decision and increases your SEO rankings with unique, relevant content.

Search Engine Optimization3) Craft Enticing Titles Using Your Keywords

This approach kills two birds with one stone, drawing in readers and boosting the SEO value of your content. Keywords in titles help search engines categorize your content, which in turn helps deliver high-value traffic to your site. Use the Google keyword tool to optimize your keywords for Amazon. Don’t forget to incorporate keywords throughout the text for SEO-friendly product descriptions.


4) Watch Your Grammar

Informative or not, any product description that’s riddled with punctuation or spelling errors quickly erodes the buyer’s trust and distracts from your message. Always hire an editor or at least use a grammar and spell-check program before you hit ‘submit’ on your content platform. A grammatically correct description shows professionalism.

5) Use Images in Your Product Description Design

A picture adds visual interest and gives the clearest understanding of a product. It’s worth it to invest in professional photos that clearly show your product from several angles to give the buyer a better understanding of what to expect from their purchase. Images reinforce your e-commerce content writing and enhance the look of your page.


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