Your Guide for Writing High-Converting Listing Titles For E-commerce

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Content Writing, Ecommerce

Effective Product Titles For E-Commerce Marketing

The internet is full of advice for creating clickable titles for blog posts. When it comes to e-commerce marketing, chooosing product titles is just as important since it directly affects clicks and conversions. Follow these best practices for how to write a good title when you’re setting up product listings in your catalog.

Make it Descriptive

There should be no mystery as to what you’re listing. If your product title is vague or inaccurate, you create frustration and lose your reader’s attention. Always start with the most important attributes. These might include brand, model, type, color, size or material.

Keep it Concise

Get straight to the point with keywords that clearly describe the product. There’s no room for flowery language. If any of your copy doesn’t add value or information for the customer, get rid of it. For a high-converting product listing title, you should ideally aim for 80 characters or fewer.

Grammar, Please

E-commerce product descriptions and their titles need to be grammatically correct. Proper, accurate language adds credibilty to your business and clarity to your copy. Avoid puctuation marks and asterisks in product titles and double check your spelling.

Say it Right

Don’t be tempted to add exclamations to product titles. Wow! Awesome! Fantastic! Not only are these expressions vague, but they appear unprofessional at best. Let your product attributes do the talking.

Keyword Placement

Use general keywords in titles for more general pages, such as category pages. For example, “Red Dresses” tells you about what all the products in that category have in common. Save specific keywords for specific copy like product descriptions: “Casual Red Cotton Dress”.


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