Why E-commerce Stores Should Invest in Customer Experience

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Business & Entrepreneurship, Ecommerce

All set to sail with your new e-commerce store? Do you have the right product inventory – the team to execute the business – a platform to showcase the products? If yes, then it’s the time to get rolling!

Hey, don’t forget, there’s another interesting factor that plays a significant role in making your business successful. “CUSTOMERS”!!! You have to serve them in the best possible way to earn their faith. The key is to take care of your clients, and their concerns, to succeed. Otherwise, as hard as it may seem, just forget about generating an income from your business. All you need is to spend some bucks toward setting up a well organized and efficient customer experience process. “We’ve just started. It’ll prove quite hard on the pocketbook at the moment. Customer experience tools are in the pipeline” – is that what you say? Well then, you must be ready to compromise or risk your business! Try to visualize the customer cycle. You can see how influences directly affect your customers, thereby, enriching the relationship. Perhaps they’ll connect to your business through a friend who has been a happy customer or some other type of reference. Therefore, investing in the customer experience is essential. Let’s discuss the reasons behind this investment and the ways it can benefit your new business.

1) Designing elements during set up – an easier affair

Designing elements during set upIn an established business, it may be difficult to deviate from the flow and design something new. This is because implementing some new element in an existing setup takes a lot of time. It would involve trials, experiments, discussions, etc. But, when you’re setting up a new business, it’s much easier to put some services and processes in place, to avoid having to go back and change something later. You might create an e-mail tool, a social media platform, FAQ page, customer contact form along with many other elements needed to build a business. These would tie in with the other requirements and make the entire process run more smoothly.

2) Customer service – a part of your brand voice

In today’s competitive economy, where brands are striving to find and set an identity, customer satisfaction plays a critical role. The first impression that a brand creates on new clients often becomes a deciding factor on whether they become repeat customers. A bad first impression can quickly escalate into an unhappy experience for the customer and a bad review for the business. On the other hand, a good customer experience can, in no time, spread through word of mouth and bring you more customers. Your brand’s reputation is in your hands – start building it from day one.

3) Customers grow with the growth of the businessGrowth of Business

When you unveil a new business, potential customers may not have very high expectations. In many cases, they’ll realize that you’re still growing and will often forgive a few small problems. Many will even help you by offering suggestions and productive feedback. And if you are receptive, you can go a long way mutually. Remember, customer interactions and friendliness are proven to reap positive results.

4) Live up to customer’s expectations

To set up a promising business, it’s important that your customers feel your presence. This will also help you live up to customer expectations and demands. This can be achieved by diversifying the ways you reach out to your client base. Don’t feel that the only thing you can do is send out circulars and ads through the mail. You can form a social media presence, create a knowledge base, set up contact forms, take part in live chats and much more. Having such various channels will make sure you reach out to all your customers and take care of their needs as much as possible.

Relationships aren’t built through monetary transactions. They grow through faith and long-term engagement. So, how you educate, encourage and comfort them, is very important, which is why an effective customer experience management system is always beneficial.


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