We’ve all heard the platitudes — content is king, content is essential for engaging your customers and prospects, consumers want high-quality content instead of ads, and so on. But if you’re involved with content creation, you know that without the right people on your team and the right software supporting you, your content marketing efforts will fall flat.

That’s why having a powerful, efficient content platform on your side is not a luxury — it’s a necessity. There are a lot of impressive platforms on the market, but you need to be sure the one you use has the scope and features you’ll need. Let’s take a look at just what those essential features are.

Workflow ManagementWorkflow-Management

There are several steps in the content lifecycle, and a truly effective content creation platform will give you control over what those steps are and how many there are. Several platforms, including those offered by NewsCred, Skyword, CrewMachine and Contently, give you some degree of control over and insight into the workflow of your content projects.

CrewMachine, however, goes further than that. In addition to managing the workflow, CrewMachine enables you to set up custom workflows that are implemented by the software itself. Pieces of content can pass through the process you decide upon — whether you want each week’s blog post to go from writing to editing to publishing or from SEO research to writing to editing to further stages of review before it goes live. Not only that, but CrewMachine gives you visibility into each stage of the workflow on both a per-item basis and a project basis. Customize the workflow, and then track each content campaign holistically.

Each content project is different, and that’s why you need to be able to fully customize and manage each project’s workflow.

Workforce Management

Workforce-ManagementWhether you’re working with one writer, a team of researchers, external content vendors or a full complement of writers, editors and project managers, you need to be able to communicate with and synchronize your team quickly and easily. Though platforms such as Contently, NewsCred and Percolate offer a certain degree of workforce management, platforms that make communication simple while also giving you visibility into how your workforce is actually performing are rare.

From sending emails directly from the platform, to automated email alerts, to assessing and organizing your team via tags and ratings, to making direct assignments, CrewMachine is a content manager’s dream.

Brand Guidelines and Enforcement

Brand-Guideline-ManagementThis is a big one. Marketers know that maintaining their brand’s voice across everything they publish is essential. You also need to make sure nothing you put out on the Internet will harm your brand.

Though platforms such as Skyword, Percolate and CrewMachine enable you to develop creative briefs that guide your team or an external team, few platforms make it easy to enforce your brand guidelines in a practical way across every content project. CrewMachine, however, enables you to do that.

CrewMachine’s negative filters feature enables you to set up alerts for content producers when certain phrases or words are used. You can also unilaterally ban any words or phrases you want. The software itself does the work of protecting your brand for you.

Content Modules

Specialized-Content-ModulesYou wouldn’t write an infographic using the same process and format you’d use to write a white paper. Nor would you conduct a social media campaign the same way you’d moderate webpages. And yet most content creation platforms aren’t designed to accommodate this simple fact — with the exception of CrewMachine.

CrewMachine’s easy-to-use content modules feature enables you to set up different kinds of content projects with a few clicks. Decide whether you’re developing blog posts, landing pages or any other kind of content, select that module, and the content will be formatted and the interface customized according to that module’s requirements. This eliminates the need for complex formatting requirements for your workforce, and makes it simple to set up the correct workflow and interface for each project.


Only CrewMachine combines content modules, custom workflows, detailed workforce management and effective brand enforcement in one powerful platform to make efficient, closely managed, scaled-up content marketing campaigns possible. If you want to learn more about CrewMachine or request a demo, get in touch with us today!



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