What to Include in Your eBay Template Design

by | Sep 2, 2016 | eBay, Ecommerce

EBay is filled with enterprising e-tailers, which creates a vigorous marketplace. Templates offer a practical tool to manage content and stand out from your competitors, but templates must be used with care. Through our experience with many e-commerce sellers, the experts at CrewMachine have learned the secrets to effective eBay template design. Whether you use a template that we provide or decide to create your own, follow these pro tips for better user engagement and a higher conversion rate.

1) Brand Consistency

As you set up your information, keep in mind that everything should reflect your brand. For example, if you’re projecting a friendly, non-technical tone as part of your brand messaging, make sure that tone carries through to every piece of information you include.

Getting Right Product Details2) Include the Right Details

Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes. What information are they likely to look for? Make sure that product features, customer service information, and thorough descriptions of product use scenarios are all present. Don’t forget any additional or unique service offers, maintenance suggestions and installation instructions. More information builds trust with your prospective buyers.

3) Identify the Most Important Information

While you need to include lots of information, an elegant eBay template design differentiates between the most important information (such as price and product features) and more granular details (such as installation instructions). Highlight basic product information by featuring it in a larger, or at least bolder, typeface. It’s crucial to organize your page to reduce visual clutter while providing relevant details for the purchase.

Online Deal4) Highlight Deals

Make sure your page highlights special offers pertaining to the product. Don’t waste this opportunity to also highlight related deals you’re offering on other merchandise. Link directly to those details from your page to get some cross-promotional momentum.

5) Return Policy

Online shoppers are more likely to purchase when they know you have a solid and clear return policy. This will mitigate the risk of buying something without being able to look at it in person, or in the case of clothing, to try it on. Let your customers have full confidence in your service by clarifying your return policy. This is also the key to more positive reviews, which can spur on further sales.

6) Group Mentality

Include extra information such as your top-selling products and positive reviews to give the buyer a sense that you’re an established and trusted business. Buyers are influenced by their peers, so be sure to highlight any outstanding reviews you get and work on damage control immediately for any negative reviews.

7) FAQs Are Your Best Friend

An open channel for your customers to ask questions helps you in two ways. Firstly, it builds the relationship with the customer and ensures that she’s getting the appropriate product for her needs. It also gives you the opportunity to identify any missing information on your page. If one customer asks a question, that same question has likely occurred to many others. Addressing these questions in your design results in a more responsive eBay template.


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