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At the Intelligent Intersection of Content and eCommerce

CrewMachine’s Specialized Content Modules and Publication Tools

CrewMachine’s content modules and publication tools maximize your team’s efficiency. By providing SEO-rich templates for a variety of e-commerce content types, CrewMachine offers..Read more

How to Use CrewMachine’s Workflow Management System

No two projects are the same. With CrewMachine’s workflow management system, content managers can set up a workflow (who needs to work on what file, and when). CrewMachine handles…Read more

Manage Your Team, Choose Your Workflow and Assign Tasks With CrewMachine

CrewMachine offers a responsive and robust system to manage your team, whether you oversee an in-house or crowdsourced workforce. Use intuitive web forms …Read more

How to Use CrewMachine’s Creative Brief Feature

CrewMachine’s Creative Brief feature allows digital marketers to manage guidelines for writers, ensuring a consistent brand message. This video explains the importance of a creative brief, shows how..Read more

How to Create a New Project on CrewMachine

This video walks you through setting up a new project on CrewMachine. Choose from project-type templates and customize each new project to fit your team’s needs. Add new project managers, account managers, and a budget…Read more

CrewMachine’s Brand Guideline Management Tools

CrewMachine’s powerful brand guideline management tools let you craft a consistent message, even when you work with large crowdsourced teams. Set up creative briefs that explain…Read more

Build an Attribute-Rich Catalog With CrewMachine’s AI Features

CrewMachine enables cost-effective catalog creation by combining the power of machine learning and human intelligence. Our gap analysis feature finds missing attributes in existing product descriptions so you can ensure…Read more

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