It was my first SMX last week and pretty good insights around topics related to search overall. Search is evolving very rapidly with digital, and as marketers, all of us need to keep pace. Digital strategy is an inevitable part of your overall marketing strategy. But Digital Transformation has several moving parts and several tonalities including enriched content, it’s medium and the immediate ecosystem around this.

It All Starts with Content, ‘Good’ Content

We might have several fashionable marketing trends and definitions, software and solutions. But, I always like to understand concepts from first principles.  And when I do that, it all begins with one thing – quality content. Content that appeals and is impactful converts better than any other. There’s a lot of sophistication around software and trends that help to drive this impact, but understanding the target audience and focusing on getting them to listen is never going to be out of fashion.

‘Five-star’ content is always going to be at the top of the digital marketing hierarchy. Then, we can work our way down on to disseminate and proliferate it. The complexion of content will continue to see a shift with visual content now taking the lead. Whether it’s infographics or video marketing, short snippets of these resonate a lot better. There’s a whole religion and cult around creating these BTW and the good news is there are lots of resources to tap into.

The presentation I would like to allude to here is around video marketing hacks and how to dominate social media with killer ads.  

Take a peek.

The Role ‘Good Content’ in PPC Ads and Optimizing for Mobile

Mobile is here and now, you’ve heard that before? Now, we’re transcending to wearable and other connected devices like cars, TVs and homes. So, traditional advertising has gone through a metamorphosis of sorts from traditional desktop to mobile and watch. The techniques and algorithms continue to go through a rapid change.

There was an interesting presentation on getting ‘creative’ with ad copy. I presented a solution spotlight to showcase how our enterprise content platform – CrewMachine can help with that. Automate parts of the content flow, integrate the new age lingo, bring in visual presentation of the ad, build the right links to go viral, measure the impact to quickly adjust the strategy, modularize the content module to scale across multiple types of ads and of course plug in all your workforce to ensure predictability.

But there were several other presentations which talked about this in a different way. Marketers working on large scale PPC ads should definitely take a look at this.

At the Intersection of Search and Social


At SMX, I hung out at the Twitter booth to understand their mobile ad strategy, and how they’re creating a monetization strategy with over a billon + users. I’ve used Twitter ads to drive conversion and although the principles are the same, there’s a lot more specific targeting and newness with channels like Twitter, Facebook and others.

With connect in the NOW, inspire action and convert everywhere as their way to work the booth, Twitter made a big impact and sent a huge message. Retargeting is critical, context has to be capitalized, powerful call to actions to download and in-app ads and message and tweets designed for phones through mobile optimization strategies are crucial. In this context, identity marketing and content re-marketing as techniques become very apt and there were quite a few sessions covering this.

Looking the power of social and its influence, it is important for search to tag team and leverage it’s strengths. Take a peak at this session –Search and Social, Better Together for more insight on key link building, driving engagement, writing good copy with good keywords and maintaining a content calendar.

Here’s another good presentation about developing the right backlinks to fuel local business growth.

Google – Voice Search, Gmail Schemas, Semantic Predictions and More

A lot of good stuff happening on the Google campus. Some stuff that really caught attention are the Google Schemas which can be built into the Applications to provide reviews from the Gmail interface.  Users can now add new actions to their emails, be able to highlight information in important emails.

All emails with markups now appear on Google search results when a user is looking for tickets, any flights or events. Google Now presents the right cards to the users at the right time. And of course the advancements with Google voice search now across native and web applications. This continues to revolutionize search as Google continues to innovate.


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