The CrewMachine Team

Alok is a seasoned speaker, entrepreneur and industry leader in e-commerce content and SEO strategy. Alok has more than a decade of experience providing digital marketing leadership and solution-focused content strategies to enterprises. He has worked with various start-ups, Fortune 500, and Internet Retailer 100 companies. Alok has managed large-scale content and SEO for marketplaces like Walmart and eBay to deliver 100 percent YOY traffic and revenue growth. Besides digital marketing, Alok also brings to the table his strong product engineering background from his experience in the semiconductor industry. Alok is passionate about kids and their education, especially kids with special needs. He indulges in music to feed his creative soul.
Deepak Goyal is the visionary behind CrewMachine and is instrumental in incorporating AI and machine learning in the platform. He is best known for his unique mix of technical knowledge and business experience. Deepak has built many enterprise products for large companies like Cisco, Sun Microsystems, and large banking institutes. He founded Wings Technology and Tulsana LLC before founding eZdia. Deepak has a masters degree in Computer Science from IIT (Roorkee) and has many technical publications to his name, as well as multiple patents pending. When he is not at work, Deepak is teaching robotics to kids and creating machine learning magic.
Rahul Shah is a leading software architect, inventor, and entrepreneur. He has worked for large firms such as Sun, Oracle, and VMWare and has extensive experience with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and enterprise SaaS ventures. Rahul has created interactive chatbots and applied for five patents, three of which have already been granted. He has a masters degree in Computer Science from IIT(Kharagpur) and has published several research papers.
Brad Curtis is a creative business development executive with over 20 years of experience starting and building successful companies in the content, branded entertainment, software, and consumer products sectors. He has a deep background in the e-commerce platform space, having helped build MarketLive (now Kibo) and Magento. Brad’s primary duty is revenue and management of eZdia’s largest global accounts, including Amazon, Staples and many more.
Sulabh Jain is a speaker, blogger and e-commerce industry expert with over eight years of rich experience. He has executed projects dealing with search engine optimization and e-commerce content enrichment for internet retailers worldwide. Sulabh has also hosted a series of webinars to support e-commerce sellers in their scaling efforts. A graduate of IIT-BHU, Jain has recently worked on the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive better e-commerce conversions and find content efficiencies.
Sandy comes from the heavy truck industry with 30 years of Quality Management experience in both ISO9000 and QS9000 and has brought two companies to full certification. She thinks outside the box to get things done and is the voice of both the crowd and the customer to the management team. Sandy has been helping the internet’s top retailers with their content creation needs for over three years.
Houston Jayne is a seasoned online marketer and SEO industry expert. He brings 20 years of experience working with startups and large e-commerce enterprises in areas of product development, business, and marketing. Most recently, he led SEO for where he increased traffic significantly. His passions are building great products and working with great people.
Ken Burke is the ex-chairman, founder, & chief evangelist of MarketLive, Inc. Ken founded the company as Multimedia Live in 1995 with only five hundred dollars in start-up money, and under his guidance, it has grown into a leading provider of e-commerce software and related solutions. Burke masterminded the creation of the MarketLive® Intelligent Selling® System. He sold MarketLive to his Vista equity partner in 2015. Ken is also the author of the book Intelligent Selling®: The Art & Science of Selling Online.

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