Talking Trends to Combat Increasing Air Pollution

by | Nov 9, 2016 | Ecommerce

You are all decked out for your day at the office – only to step out of your home into a gray cloud of haze and pollution. But even though the air quality is poor, you can’t call off your work day. After a hard day, on your way home in the evening, you notice many of the white collars are wearing drab black face masks, and you begin to notice a weird sense of chest congestion. However, this isn’t a reason to not make it into work the next morning either. You know you need to think about protecting your health, covering your nose and guarding your eyes but you don’t want to think about wearing one of those dull conservative shades. The cold nip in the air doesn’t make anything better, In fact, it just aggravated the entire thing, making the air look like monstrous smog!

Air Pollution in Delhi

Delhi recently as air pollution levels in the area have risen 23 percent over the past few weeks

Well, that has been the scene in and around the capital region of India, Delhi recently as air pollution levels in the area have risen 23 percent over the past few weeks. But as NASA reports, pollution is increasing globally every day, every moment. To combat this and protect your health, you need a mask, period! But today you don’t have to wear a boring, drab mask. There are plenty of fashionable options available, you’ve probably already seen people wearing Bane’s mask from the Dark Knight and those of the star wars heroes.

The fear of falling ill has been driving the sales of pollution masks online, and people have been going crazy about trying some of the various trends. Bikers have been raging with those fancy storm troopers masks and the skull-faced bandanas that also guard the eyes, and Millenials rarely think anything that’s any less a style statement and the mask fever is no exception!

Fighting air pollution is not rocket science – buy a pollution mask and immediately have the right coping accessory in hand for when you’re outdoors or commuting and some air-purifying indoor plants for the home or office. Kids and youngsters have been ransacking the stores for the LED masks. The ones with breathing valves come in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns and are available in a wide range of prices. Not that long ago, it would have been hard to believe than an air filter mask would be in many shoppers wish lists on eCommerce sites. However, reports that sales in pollution masks increased by 6 times in just a couple of days. Some eCommerce sites have had to place customers on waiting lists as well just to meet up with the increasing demand.

With the north wind gradually sweeping in the eastern world and the woolens finding a way out of the closets; people have been matching their sweatshirts and pullovers with the shades of their masks. Today, in and around the world, be it in the shopping malls, theaters, schools and colleges, etc. the mask trend is snowballing for good. Regardless of the various reasons for increasing pollutions in different areas of the Earth, the air is getting grayer every day many people are finding it harder to breathe. Complementing your regular apparel with masks, both for fashion and the sake of your health is sure to help keep you comfortable through the dreary times.


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