Take Me Out to The Ball Game…With Intelligence?

by | Jun 6, 2017 | Events & Conferences

We are super excited about attending IRCE 2017 in Chicago.

This year, the eZdia team is hosting a little group to go see the defending 2017 World Series Champions, Chicago Cubs. There are a few themes that lead us to this.

First: we are huge baseball fans and jumped at the opportunity to go to one of the storied parks in the league especially since the Cubs broke the Billy Goat Curse.

Second: we admire Theo Epstein and his application of machine learning and analytics to winning baseball championships for not only the Cubs, but the Red Sox, too. (For more info: check out both the film and book versions of his story, “Moneyball.”) Winning is never a fluke. Data and analytics is transforming sports and other industries, turning all kinds of consumers into data nerds.

The eZdia team created CrewMachine with some of the same principles that Theo Epstein uses. We deploy analytics from the biggest internet retailers on the planet to help sellers and brands win the game of product discovery.

Consumers are getting smarter everyday. They are raising the bar for the internet retail experience. Retailers and brands are constantly in search of resources to stay ahead. With our help: they can do it. We help the retailers and brands create content via our proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine and crowd solution. We think this combo is a complete game changer; at least, there aren’t any other companies that combine these approaches. What’s more: we do this while helping busy clients maintain their current work-flow.

Join us at IRCE 2017 to learn more.

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If you are interested, our team has experts with experience solving big SEO and content optimization strategies at industry-leading retailers like Walmart, eBay and Magento. We’d love to fit you in for a quick (30 minutes tops) consultation for your e-commerce needs.

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Looking forward to meeting with you and experiencing my first IRCE.

Alok Jain
CrewMachine by eZdia: AI powered, human-curated ecommerce content to improve your ROI


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