Step-up Your E-commerce Game with ‘Smart’ Content, ‘Smart’ Machines and ‘Smart’ Workforce

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Content Automation

Recapping the eZdia Journey

As I write this blog, I am traveling down the memory lane to when we started eZdia a few years ago. The two of us with a few friends, and with a dream to disrupt the traditional e-commerce content way with the ‘eZdia way’. We built this platform (pretty quickly) that enabled more than 35,000 folks in the crowd to use the power of scale to create and manage content. No matter what type of e-commerce or what type of content, we had created all the sophistication in our platform to handle this. We ramped up pretty quickly and got validation from various communities. Soon, top e-commerce brands across the world started working with us. We had finally built a strong model using the sharing economies and rock solid platform.

Thinking Customer, Technology, and Innovation – Thinking CrewMachine

We’re product guys. We’re plugged-in and we’re constantly thinking of new ways of doing things to make the customer’s life a little bit easier. With such a large user base validating our platform to churn large scale content, we wanted to bring the platform to center stage. Our mission was to give businesses the power to create and manage their own content in easy ways!

We talked with our customers every day and we were hearing stories about abandoned carts due to poor product descriptions, lost brand trust due to inaccurate information, and returned products due to poor quality.  We knew that we could solve this problem, bringing our Content & SEO, technology and product heads together. So we decided to bring the ‘Crew’ and the ‘Machine’ together to create more sophistication in creating and managing this content. The technologists in the team started leveraging the principles of Artificial Intelligence and we started putting our SEO head together.

What if we created a mechanism to identify all the content gaps within e-commerce content and provide suggestive intelligence around it to fix/enrich, and then use the ‘human’ force or intelligence to take it to the last mile? This led to the genesis of CrewMachine to manage e-commerce content by using the power of artificial and human intelligence!


The Future

Our platform is already validated – not only by our existing customers but also by prospects. They flock our booths when we talk ‘smart content’ powered by CrewMachine. And, our product and technology guys are relentlessly listening to customers and building a stronger platform every day. I’ll leave you with a cool video that will show you how some of the largest e-commerce are building their product catalogs using CrewMachine’s AI. It’s all happening here at CrewMachine!

And, please don’t forget, we’ll be at Share16 in San Francisco from October 24th – October 26, showcasing how CrewMachine will work for your business. Are you going to Share16? Email us if you want to set up a meeting.

Alok Jain

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