Why Startups Should Invest in Content Marketing

by | Jul 4, 2016 | Content Writing

The internet is a tech jungle where one primal law applies: survival of the fittest. Like a tropical rainforest, only creatures who adapt cleverly will succeed. In the case of a startup, whether the offering is a new product or service, innovation is only the beginning. If no one knows you exist, your chances of success are slim. In the natural world, the entry of a new creature is heralded by birds, sending the alarm that someone unfamiliar has entered the area. The internet mediascape, however, is crowded with the sound of many such birds in the form of content. Effective content marketing is the art of ensuring that your bird call is the loudest and most compelling. And the secret to effective content marketing is a combination of quality content and smart SEO strategy.

Quality content is an investment that startups cannot afford to ignore. It draws customers in with compelling information about your service, your brand and your unique offering. Once your brainchild has made it from concept to product, your next step is to announce your arrival to prospective customers. Well-written content outlasts traditional advertising and provides better ROI for startups. Here’s how.

1. Uninterrupted Access without Ads

Who enjoys reading internet pop-ads? Banner ads? Promoted posts? That’s right! Nobody!

Any message that wasn’t requested by the reader is unlikely to be welcomed. By nature, traditional advertisements are interruptive: they arrive when you didn’t ask for them and usually while you’re trying to access information that is valuable. Anything that disrupts that process is unlikely to stick, at least in a postive way, in the reader’s mind.

Strategic content writing, however, is by definition valuable information. It provides useful and relevant information. When you provide value to your readers, you don’t need to poke or interrupt them. They come to you for a mutually beneficial relationship. Readers enjoy content marketing done right. Accurate product descriptions, helpful blog posts and buying guides, videos and entertaining lifestyle pieces are an information exchange that deepens your relationship with potential customers.

2. Content Stays Online Forever

Traditional advertising requires the purchase of space, whether that takes the form of physical space on a banner ad or airtime on TV or radio. Content marketing sticks around and continues to draw people in for years. It’s shareable and can go viral at any time. This one-time expense continues to attract leads long after the initial investment.

3. Scale Up with Inexpensive Content Solution

Content marketing, when combined with expert strategy, is inherently scalable. Rather than submit to preset advertising rates, startups can strategize content according to their budget. Once the groundwork of a valuable content strategy is laid, it’s easy to scale up or down, change focus or intensify your content strategy. As your startup grows, so can your team of content writers and other creatives. With the right management, you can keep close control of your content, ensuring it adheres to your goals.

4. Create a Unique Identity for Your Brand with Content

The internet audience includes millions of potential leads, but only unique and valuable content will deliver them to you. It’s really this simple: what is useful or entertaining will be shared. Strategic content marketing ensures that your message is unique and entertaining. It allows you to build and stay true to your brand as your company grows. It amplifies what is unique about your startup and gets the message out to the right people.

5. Build Trust Factor with Customers

Consumers buy from companies they trust. Earn their trust with accurate, clear information about your products. Learn which customers care about and make sure their questions are addressed concisely and transparently.

SEO-savvy content marketing and intuitive content writing give startups the edge they need to build relationships with potential customers immediately. With little initial investment and built-in flexibility, quality content writing delivers the best ROI for startups entering the tech jungle.


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