Smart Content is What E-commerce Companies are Turning Towards

by | Dec 11, 2016 | Content Writing, Ecommerce

As an eCommerce entity, you want your content to help maximize your marketing efforts. However, if you’re showing your visitor the same content irrespective of what search word/term they used to come to your site – you’re doing a disservice to your portal.

Enter smart content!

1) What is Smart Content?

To put it simply, smart content is flexible content that is tailored for your customer/audience and their interests. It uses extremely practical elements and strong automated dynamic assembly to churn out relatable content. This way it also drives ROI and increases market sanctified leads. This unstructured content format can be personalized and molded for any customer or content requirement. Meaning, whether you want content for a particular buyer or need to introduce your brand to a certain demographic, smart content will be your ally. So, what is fuelling eCommerce companies to turn towards it? Let’s break it down for you:

2) Catches AttentionPersonalized Content

Research shows that personalized content improves the profitability and performance of a website, and helps in making the site more interactive for its visitors. Why? Every customer or visitor has differing views and needs. When individualized content caters to them and their needs it becomes relatable and an instant hit. For an eCommerce company, this type of interaction can lead to possible conversions and in turn sales.

3) Captures all Sorts of Leads

No matter what conversion path your audience uses to arrive at your website, smart content will provide them with a seamless and personalized experience. The material will be transparent and give each visitor a choice to move ahead or move back through the site. It also helps the consumer navigate the sales labyrinth quickly. Such transparent and non-intrusive content is rewarded by the customer through sales, loyalty and word-of-mouth praise- three essential things an eCommerce website thrives on.

4) Drives Brand Awareness

Smart content does a fabulous job at educating potential and returning customers and also creating brand awareness. By being “consumer-centric” and not “company-centric” smart content makes a consumer’s experience on your website relevant and speeds up the entire purchase decision by suggesting the next best option for each user. This approach, in turn, builds faith in your brand and converts existing consumers into brand promoters. This is especially good because studies show that your top customers purchase four times more often than new ones.

5) Makes the Website Experience Personal

Smart content crafts a website into a personal space for each visitor by serving content based on device type, referral source, gender, country etc. The content basically suggests the next best step for each consumer/visitor and lends a personal touch to a returning audience. For example, A visitor from Ohio will automatically see the company’s Ohio address in case he wants to find the “contact us” information on the website. A returning consumer sees a personalized welcome message or token of appreciation on the website when he logs in, maybe even a special discount.

It may sound complicated to customize each page for every customer, but this type of information is easily gathered by content and data analysis.


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