A Shift in Marketing Paradigms

If you got a chance to read my earlier blog, I talk about how creating a deep and rich experience is the key to doing great things in any domain. When we begin there and bring our audience to center stage, to really understand what excites them, that’s half the battle won. In this blog, I’ll specifically talk about what it means to create a rich marketing experience to make any new product and/or solution great. Especially as the paradigms of marketing continue to evolve from traditional to digital, from cost to revenue and from linear to growth, it is kind important to pause and take stalk of how the marketing engine can be tuned to meet new goals.

Understanding and Arriving at the Customer Persona

We know Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning (a.k.a the STP analysis) from Kotler days and from the big fat books on Principles of Marketing. This means blanket messaging does not work. Messaging has to be worked in to suit the audience mindset. And even before that, it is important to run a complete segmentation study on who needs to be targeted. This is where marketers can leverage data science and advance data mining, analytics and machine learning techniques to segment by psychographics, user behavior and several other attributes.

Once the segmentation study is complete, marketers can decide which of those segments they’d like to target. It’s ok not to be everything to everyone. Picking and choosing the right segments who have the most exposed nerves and showing them the value of the solution goes a long way. Once the segments are picked, the outreach will begin.

 Content and Understanding of the Funnels

We’ve heard this over and over. Content is king and content is queen. It is an art form in itself and no marketing can survive without a good content strategy. But when you’re building the content map, it is very essential to first understand where your prospect is in the funnel. You would need them to connect with your product at whichever stage they are – top, middle or bottom.

At the top, it’s still the first touch point and prospects are getting acquainted with your brand. Here’s where thought leadership blogs, visual content like infographics and short videos make an impact. The middle of the funnel audience will usually be more engaged and intrigued by what you have to offer. So, the content to keep them going has to be somewhat deeper.

Customer success stories specific to their domain, a best practices guide that could help them accelerate their business with some handy tips, or a discovery session/audit based on whether you are a product or a solution would usually go a long way.

Marketing automation software folks such as HubSpot, Marketo and Pardot do a great job in helping to demarcate your audience with the right lead scores.

The Web Experience!

All of the funnel marketing also falls nicely in place when the user experience and design elements align. This means, the user is able to easily look through for information, navigate to deeper pages and is able request for information without too much clicking around. And of course, a clean, airy and spacious websites and landing pages just keep that vibe alive! UI/UX and graphics is it’s own discipline and they are several good readings online to gather information.

Remember, Relationship is the Key!

All data science, strategy and principles look good but like any other science, good marketing is based on good relationships. As a prospect comes through the funnel from the web or a trade show, the real success is when he/she has engaged and has connected with you at some level and believes that your product or solution can help in some way to alleviate his unaddressed pain. And all the elements – content, design and UI/UX play a very important role in this journey to connect. Like stars, all these have to align to created that connected prospect experience.

I will be at MarTech in San Francisco tomorrow to see how different enterprise software companies are progressing through this journey – to create that unbeatable experience. If you are around, I’d love to catch up and tell you what we’ve been up to here. We’re solving the biggest piece of this puzzle by providing you an enterprise platform to create and enrich any type of content.

Email me if you’d like to grab a coffee!


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