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by | Aug 30, 2016 | Ecommerce

CrewMachine: A Next-Generation Content Creation Platform

Digital marketing agencies and SEO experts face a daunting task when it comes to e-commerce content. They must coordinate product descriptions, sometimes thousands of them, so that the descriptions are accurate, search engine optimized, up to date and conversion oriented. New ways of doing business require new tools and the best e-commerce solutions include content creation platforms.

The best e-commerce platforms deliver intelligent content management for catalogs, promotional content like blogs and third-party marketplaces. They also identify optimization opportunities and streamline the workflow for small and large teams alike.

Enter CrewMachine, a next-generation enterprise e-commerce solution for creating, sourcing, managing and syndicating content across multiple channels. CrewMachine enables digital marketing teams to coordinate multiple roles and simplify their tasks for efficient and up-to-date publishing, all designed with e-commerce in mind.

A Quick Overview

The CrewMachine platform:

  • Supports all popular e-commerce platforms
  • Is compatible with leading Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Manages roles for every member of the content team
  • Assists with defining and enforcing custom brand guidelines
  • Lets businesses of any size set up and manage their content workforce by role
  • Enables identification and definition of different projects according to types of content
  • Includes automated custom workflows for project efficiency
  • Allows teams to handle specialized content according to custom brand guidelines
  • Ensure effective workflow management, even with multiple teams or a fluctuating workforce

CrewMachine’s Major Features

Workflow Management1) Workflow Management

This gives managers control over the workflow of your content projects. Set up your won custom workflows and oversee each stage of the work. From keyword research to writing to editing and SEO optimization, CrewMachine keeps everything organized.

2) Workforce Management

Communicate easily with your team and keep everyone on the same page. Managers can give direct assignments, assess and organize the team with tags and ratings. Everyone is kept informed with email notifications straight from the platform.

3) Brand Consistency

CrewMachine lets you develop creative briefs and enforce your brand guidelines across content projects. Negative filters let you set up custom alerts for prohibited words or phrases, reminding everyone of the desired tone for your content.

Content Module4) Content Modules

CrewMachine’s flexibility lets it handle different kinds of content projects. Whether you team is working on a blog, an article, a landing page or a product description, the content will be formatted with a custom interface and the appropriate content module.

One size never fits all, which is why CrewMachine is flexible and customizable. At the same time, its automation allows teams to manage a large amount of content with brand-specific standardization so your message stays clear and consistent.


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