Manage your Large Scale E-Commerce Content In A Streamlined Way

by | Jul 5, 2016 | Ecommerce

Streamline Your Large Scale E-Commerce Content Management

The landscape of e-commerce is complex and comprises many types of content. When you’re dealing with information architecture, product feature descriptions, product images, category descriptions, blog content and more, smart management is crucial. Each of these content types has specific attributes and needs, and it must be configured and managed accordingly. To add another layer of complexity, many different people—content experts, SEO wizards, project managers and merchandisers—interact with this product content throughout its life cycle.

A well-designed Content Management System (CMS) addresses all these needs efficiently. CrewMachine leverages the knowledge of e-commerce content management experts to deliver custom solutions in tune with your specific needs. The CrewMachine platform is scalable, customizable and improves workflow for everyone involved.

Build Your Catalog

build-your-ecommerce-product-catalogLarge-scale e-commerce content requires a systematic approach. To start, e-commerce ventures must create, display and update their catalog of products. A catalog contains an enormous amount of data, and types of data with specific relationships to each other. For example, you may wish to update the description of a specific product or the description for a whole category of products. CrewMachine offers a consolidated platform where teams can easily filter and access the content they need. Superior product information management keeps you ahead of competitors with accurate, useful information that drives sales.

Find the Gaps and Enrich the Content

Gap Analysis in Ecommerce CatalogingAfter building the catalog, there are inevitable gaps to fill. CrewMachine identifies incomplete content, missing attributes, non-SEO optimized descriptions, poor images and more. You can’t fix problems until you find them. Custom filters give you confidence that product content gaps can be managed efficiently and effectively.



Organize Your Writers and Project Managers

Crewmachine Workforce Workflow ManagementA well-organized team can do wonders. Copywriters, vendors, editors and project managers all have an important role to play in a winning e-commerce content strategy, but they must be coordinated to be effective. CrewMachine allows you to distribute assignments, manage deadlines and assess work quickly and easily across multiple projects. When your team is located around the globe, you can define custom brand guidelines in a creative brief to keep everyone on the same page. Project managers set permissions for each role, manage work for assignments, rate and tag content, and oversee payments all in one streamlined e-commerce CMS.

Go With the (Work)flow

ecommerce-workflow-managementOrganization is the key to effectiveness. CrewMachine features intuitive interfaces, well-defined user roles and easy-to-set permissions. Its step-by-step workflow is set up for easy sharing and task assignment, and to handle large amounts of data seamlessly. Every organization’s needs are different, but content workflows are inevitable with writers, editors, managers and other approvals in the mix. CrewMachine allows custom workflow configuration that suits your needs and keeps your production efficient. Project managers enjoy control over budget management, payroll cycles and invoicing.

Already committed to an e-commerce platform? CrewMachine integrates with major platforms and allows for automated customized workflows. Custom templates ensure that your unique branding voice isn’t lost in the crowd.


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