Is Your Brand Visible to Your Buyers on Different Marketplaces?

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Business & Entrepreneurship, Ecommerce

Six Winning Brand Positioning Strategies

Brand awareness plays a crucial role in e-commerce success. Your online presence must capture the attention of potential buyers and your marketing strategies need to keep up with the competition. Better online visibility leads to greater credibility with customers. With this in mind, let’s take a look at six successful brand positioning strategies.

1) Online Ratings

Customers rely heavily on ratings and feedback in their purchase decisions, so it pays to make your customers happy. Consider following up a purchase with an email thank-you note and a request for feedback. Take advantage of feedback services that allow you to monitor reviews and address any negative reviews immediately. Listening to your customers is one of the most effective ways of improving your service and earning high ratings.

2) Search Engine Rank

Search Engine OptimizationAchieving a high search engine ranking isn’t easy. That’s why there’s an entire industry devoted to it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an excellent brand positioning strategy. By driving traffic to your website and increasing organic search results, SEO ensures visibility for your brand. SEO includes a host of powerful tools and techniques that attract customers by making your site easy to find for the right people.

3) Keyword Rich Content

Keywords are such a strong part of SEO that they deserve a mention of their own. Google and other search engines look for keywords and phrases to understand what your site is about. When a potential customer searches for a product you sell, it becomes easier for them to find you. In short, keywords make it easier for buyers to find out which online marketplaces sell what they need. Keyword-rich product titles and product descriptions increase your site’s visibility, allowing you to connect with the right customers.

4) Sell Something Different

The world is crowded with goods. Your competitive edge lies with a unique offering, whether that is a new technology or a fresh design. Online marketplaces highlight brands with unique products and approaches. Updating your designs, product range and categories keeps your offering fresh and on-trend.

5) Get Social

Different Social Media PlatformsSocial platforms like Twitter and Facebook provide the potential to reach huge numbers of people for a relatively small investment. Active participation on these networks keeps the conversation going between your brand and your customers. Posting, sharing and tweeting give you a chance to showcase your brand and rely on digital word-of-mouth to gain social capital and referrals. Consider using a “Friends Referral Program” or offering social-media based discounts to increase your follows and establish your brand’s image.

6) Content Marketing

When you use blogs, newsletters, videos and email campaigns you position yourself as an expert in your field, which attracts attention and raises search engine rankings. Customers seek out helpful and insightful content. With a properly developed content marketing strategy, visitors will convert to leads more easily.

These strategies, when applied together, provide a powerful boost to your online presence and sales potential. At CrewMachine, we understand the importance of brand positioning strategy and the best ways to achieve it. Our platform enriches your online product information by identifying gaps in your SEO strategy and streamlining your workflow while you update your catalog. Our content and management teams offer SEO expertise, an understanding of customer habits and the most effective strategies to communicate your brand.


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