Introducing Guru – Bringing the Power of AI to Ecommerce Content

by | Nov 11, 2016 | Content Automation, Ecommerce

I am sure all of you saw Einstein at Dreamforce! An artificial intelligence system that will drive the future of CRM and marketing from complexity to simplicity. With deep simple principles of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Einstein will make the lives of millions of Salesforce users a lot more intelligent and ‘conversion’ driven. It will learn from your data and then help you learn from it to drive predictions and recommendations. It will automate tasks for you so you can focus on making the important decisions – with confidence. Salesforce’s latest acquisition of Demandware, now known as Commerce Cloud will have full support from Einstein to predict the behavior of your customer.  And, it will help you to serve very personal content to your customer.

While Einstein is powering Commerce Cloud and can enable you to drive hyper personalization, we at CrewMachine are working very hard to fulfill that content need in more granularity. Our mission as a SaaS business is to empower e-commerce brands and retailers to identify blaring content gaps, fix and enrich them quickly to drive conversion, and provide measurement metrics.

And so, we created Our Einstein who is called Guru. Guru is the Artificial Intelligence element of CrewMachine that will enable you to create Smart Content. Content that would deliver THE amazing experience and conversion everyone is  always looking for.  Guru constantly learns from the market and knows which type of content can drive bigger impact and ring in more money in your bank.

Imagine, if you are setting up a new product on your site or want to enrich an existing product page for a better customer experience, traffic and conversion Guru can quickly write the content – automatically. It will determine the right keywords for your product, learn your Brand Voice, and create beautiful customer engaging copy for your product. Guru does not stop at just suggesting new unique content but continues to monitor how the content is performing against your competition. Based on the performance Guru will suggest further modifications. It provides keyword suggestions, and offers recommendations on rephrasing content.

Automated Product Descriptions by Crewmachine

While Guru performs its magic, 1000s of CrewMachine writers and editors teach Guru every day about new products and writing style. Within CrewMachine, Guru works seamlessly with internal workforce and CrewMachine’s freelancer expert community. This is perhaps the first of its kind and we are determined to disrupt the way e-commerce happens by blending intelligence into e-commerce content. If you want to know how we are shaping CrewMachine up to provide top-notch content insight to large brands across the world, connect with us at Share16. We will be showing a demo of #SmartContent and the power of the crew and the machine in action.

And yes, we are offering a free content audit/discovery for your e-commerce content. See what you can get as a part of this discovery. Our engagements start here and most of our customers just love this initial exercise to gauge where they are.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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