Observations on the Floor

A great conference! Very relevant for marketers and to the current times of digital transformation. Lots of learning, thought leadership and best practices on how to steer the overall digital marketing strategy in the B2B space with specific focus on e-Commerce, real estate, travel and finance. We were there all three days and had very interesting conversations with folks on the floor. Quite a few brands already using BrightEdge to drive their SEO and analytics needs and several other agencies looking to learn about BrightEdge customers and build core competency.

During the various discussions on the floor, it became quite clear that brands all over the world (especially e-Commerce) are struggling to manage large volumes of content gracefully, especially when working with various merchants, managing millions of SKU’s/category pages and feeling the pressure to perform as well as competition.

Of course, long form content needs like buying guides, and interactive ones at that become significant especially with the onset of different types of devices and form factors. Asia sees a more rapid movement towards mobile commerce compared to the U.S. and other European countries, which have begun their mobile commerce journey too.

SEO specific to e-Commerce comes to the fore. Several interesting sessions by Head of SEO at large e-Commerce setups with involved SEO discussions around short and long form content, above and below the fold content, keyword research, back links, local business tips, efficient link building and warnings against content farms, adding relevant blog content with good images, usage of analytics to ensure top performance of your SEO strategy, rich snippets, customer reviews, mobile optimized sites, on-page optimization techniques are all key to building an efficient SEO practice for your e-Commerce business.

All in all, e-Commerce requires a very specific mindset to drive SEO, so efficient tools to regulate this activity are in demand. Reason – we are talking scale, large volumes of content which needs to be streamlined to convert. All of which cannot be done manually. There were some very contextual and relevant presentations from various companies who are driving content centric SEO efficiencies for e-Commerce with disruptive tools and services.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile poses brand new challenges of optimizing content for this fragmented device market. A sneak peek at how this new trend is going to change the landscape. Global mobile ad spend is going to cross $100M in the US by 2016. Google mobile search engine results pages (SERPs) began to be impacted by the mobile-friendliness of a website. Tablets and smartphones per BrightEdge research make up about 35% of the organic search traffic and misconfigured websites lose more than 68% of the traffic.

There are definitely new techniques to master to keep with the momentum and making content and things more mobile friendly. Adobe, Open Table and Home Depot did a great job talking about some of the mobile friendly approaches, methodologies to measure mobile success, understanding the brand’s mobile share, creating app store optimization practices either with tools or organically, and of course, reporting and measurement of mobile performance.

Mobile Commerce

Source: Emergence Capital

Micro Moments

Another concept brought to life by Google was of mobile micro-moments. A consumer’s journey is split across many events, in real time, and most of these actions are driven by their mobile device. Each of these moments is a critical opportunity for brands to shape their product based on the consumer’s preferences. It was very eloquently addressed by the Matt Lawson, SVP of Google Performance Marketing. He talked about becoming great digital marketers by becoming ethnographers and psychologists. A micro moment video that is highly recommended for everyone to view.

The BrightEdge Edge with Data Cube

Finally, Data Cube by BrightEdge, a new way to measure marketing performance was brought to the fore by the founders of BrightEdge. At Share15, they introduced the most advanced technology for SEO experts and content marketers to measure the performance of content. With the Data Cube Score you can understand how well you are targeting demand and gain a detailed understanding of the topics that resonate best with consumers. Content Analysis would help to understand semantically related keyword which would be pulled from the Data Cube. A lot more disruptive features like understanding the performance of rich media and seamless integration with workflows etc. were introduced. Definitely, a great step in the direction of building the right content intelligence.

BrightEdge Edge with Data Cube Data Cube by BrightEdge


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