[Infograph] Indian e-Commerce at a Glimpse

by | Sep 24, 2016 | Ecommerce

India is expected to be the fastest growing e-Commerce market over the next few years.

Currently, more than 250 million of the country’s residents use the Internet which has experienced a 32% of growth/annum in last few years. India currently stands quite high as one of the world’s top 10 retail markets and it is estimated to reach $675 billion by the end of 2016.

Over the period of time, the industry has studied the shift in trend of accessing the Internet by users. Since the onset of the smartphones, more people have been using these devices for accessing internet rather than using the conventional desktops or laptops. This has resulted in massive download of the mobile apps for all these online shopping companies.

Of late, due to incredible expansion predictions, the e-Commerce industry has become quite like a playground of speculations and estimations.

A number of factors are currently driving the growth of the Indian e-Commerce market; especially the 3G penetration across the country, improved standard of living, availability of wider range of products with discounts and advertisements in social media platforms.


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