If Content is King, Automation will Rule

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Business & Entrepreneurship, Content Automation, Ecommerce

We’ve reached a threshold in the world of writing and the bravest companies are stepping into a future of automated content creation. New algorithms and understanding about machine learning have changed the nature of automated content generation and although your computer is still unlikely to produce the next Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, the world of simpler prose like e-commerce product descriptions is changing profoundly.

E-Commerce Product Descriptions: The Need for Content

The need for product descriptions grows in tandem with the e-commerce industry. The number of new product descriptions listed every day in this massive industry is due to:

 Ecommerce Content Requirement

  • The exponential growth of e-commerce
  • The increasing number of unique products available
  • The different variations of each product (such as sizes or colors)
  • The requirement for different brand voices in each merchant space

Amid the need for more e-commerce product descriptions is the requirement for smart, conversion-oriented copy. While automated content generation can’t yet entirely replace human-written copy, the combination of automated content creation, human editing and machine learning offers a powerful advantage to e-tailers.

Manual Writing and Algorithmic Writing

E-commerce companies try to balance the need to reduce content creation costs while maintaining a high-quality standard for conversion-oriented product descriptions. Crowd-sourcing is a common solution, but frequently leads to lower quality writing as research and editing fall to the wayside in favor of a speedier content cycle.

Algorithms based on analytics are taking over the industry to help cope with the relentless content development cycle. While automated content creation isn’t perfect, it drastically reduces production cycle time and improves over time with machine learning and algorithmic adjustments. Because the algorithm improves with use and stays on top of consumer behavior trends, it starts with a solid, error-free baseline when writing product descriptions and continually improves. Users can set specific style rules, such as the use of the serial comma, rules about active and passive voice and brand-specific language.

Automated content creation:

  • Is data-driven
  • Provides factually correct product descriptions
  • Prevents human error
  • Adjust to each business’ needs

The CrewMachine Platform

Crewmachine Content Creation Platform

CrewMachine creates system-suggested baseline product descriptions rich in attribute data and search keywords

Product descriptions are the backbone of the e-commerce industry. They communicate with customers and deliver conversions. Producing unique and compelling product descriptions is a challenge for writers who may not be knowledgeable in every area and using manufacturer-provided product descriptions lowers SEO value.

A well-integrated automated content creation platform like CrewMachine creates system-suggested baseline product descriptions rich in attribute data and search keywords. These descriptions follow the best practices of leading marketplaces like Amazon and eBay and are up-to-date and appropriately formatted. Each seller retains the power to set tone and style rules to reflect the brand voice and bring a unique touch to the copy.

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