eCommerce Product Videos: How to Use Videos to Increase Your Sales?

by | Aug 30, 2016 | Ecommerce

Marketing strategy, products, target market, delivery service and what not are all essential elements when developing an eCommerce website. But how do you give your venture the human touch without breaking the screen? The answer is video marketing.

Videos help customers learn more about a product without having to physically touch it. It is like giving them a personal demo of your product or service. Customers relate to videos more than pictures as they tend to capture every little detail. So it’s a good idea to insert product videos on your website to increase the conversion rate. Below is some important information that explains more about video marketing and how to ensure it’s successful.

Why Opt for Video Marketing?

Video Marketing

Videos help eCommerce businesses entertain and inform customers and showcase products and features to them

If you think about it from a customer’s point of view, then you know you need something better than photos to bring out the unique features of your products. Videos not only help an eCommerce website introduce new items, but they also help showcase value-added services. Some of the reasons you should opt for web video marketing include:

Website Ranking Improves

Search engine results typically include a mixed bag of information, photos and videos. If your site has videos available, then you will have the upper hand in attracting more customers. This will not only improve your website ranking but also help ensure that customers have up to date information.

Reduces Bounce Rate

More time spent on the website is directly proportional to higher conversion rates. The videos provide a chance for your sales team to study visitor patterns and create in-depth analytics. This also helps the team understand buying patterns and devise new ways to overcome the hurdles of low sales.

Helps in Establishing Credibility and Trust

When purchasing a product, a customer tends to wander the internet searching for reviews, product demonstrations, and more. If an eCommerce website captures this information through different videos, then it is more likely the customer will find the site reliable. Videos help in smoothing the transition between browsing and purchasing.

Sharable VideosVideos are More Sharable

Videos not only capture a visitor’s interest but also helps to draw attention to an eCommerce site. Over the years, it has been proven that people tend to share videos more than text or images.

Types of Video Marketing

Video marketing has no limitations except editing time and space issues. A video can increase the conversion rate by more than 50 percent. Market research has shown that eCommerce giants typically see a significant increase after the introduction of product videos. To reach the full potential of video marketing, it’s important to venture into more than product videos. Some other types of video marketing:

  • Promotional: It helps to showcase products and services
  • Testimonial: This type of video helps to highlight success stories from the clients’ viewpoint
  • Thought Leadership: It acts as a platform for sharing knowledge or experiences on industry relevant topics
  • How-To: One of the most sought-after types of video that helps a customer understand how to use a product or service
  • Product Information: It aids in explaining new features, benefits, troubleshooting, and more
  • Entertainment: Display the human side of your brand with viral videos, and online contests

How to Implement Product Videos?

Videos help eCommerce businesses entertain and inform customers and showcase products and features to them. The scope of web video marketing is vast and covers a variety of interests. Introducing a video to a product page is not a big task, but you should be aware of all the information that needs to be covered. Here is a breakdown of different ways to use videos in an eCommerce website:

Cover Product Feature Videos

When you introduce something unique to the market, it’s natural to want to see sales increase. This can only be achieved by adding detailed product videos covering every aspect of the product. This also helps you establish a difference between your product and similar ones available online. Product videos capture the item from every angle and helps the customer understand how the product can be useful.

Tutorial VideosIntroduce Instructional/Tutorial Videos

If you don’t want your customer to search for technical details about your product, then you should add instructional videos. These videos capture the technical or harder to understand information. This way, you make it easy for the customer to understand the use of the product without getting into the complexities of technical jargon. Videos of this type are particularly important if your website focuses on technical goods and / or items that require assembling or installation after purchase.

Offer Selection Advice Videos

Videos can help a customer make the right decision and reduce the risk of product returns. Capture product comparisons or aspects of your items that are unique and can help to convince a customer to make a purchase.

Value Added Videos

Offering something additional over and above the best deal always brings a smile to a customer’s face. Covering value added services in a video can help to increase the conversion rate. For example- If you are a furniture manufacturer, then you can also show what all the warranty covers, how the furniture is manufactured, how additional precautions on your side ensure quality and much more.


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