How to Overcome Negative Feedback on Amazon

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Amazon, Ecommerce

‘Criticism comes to those who stand out.’ – Seth Godin

No seller on Amazon or any other e-commerce platform can escape receiving some negative feedback, no matter how many stellar reviews he might have received for his products. From a consumer standpoint, unfavorable reviews can adversely impact your business. Here are some ways to deal with negative feedback.

1. Prompt ResponseAmazon Customer Reviews

A rapid response to negative reviews on Amazon shows the customers that you value their opinion, which in turn makes them realize their worth. This may urge unhappy customers to give you a second chance to prove.

2. Resolve Offline

Rather than responding to an adverse review publicly, it is always better to take the issue privately by replying via private messages or email services.

3. Polite Nature

It may be easier said than done, but do not take negative reviews and criticisms personally. Try and dig out what the real issue is and respond with generosity and a kind but professional tone.

4. Monitor Online Presence

To respond to reviews, you first need to know what your customers are saying. It becomes much easier to handle if you regularly watch review websites and social media platforms.

5. Constructive Reviews

Online Customer ReviewsIn most cases, customers who leave negative reviews do not really mean to defame you. They just want to express their shopping experience. It’s important to take those reviews seriously. Learn from them; they may help you improve your business.



6. Proactive Requests

A good way to avoid negative reviews is to proactively encourage happy customers to leave feedback. Attach a short note to the invoices asking for feedback or a review. It’s subtle but effective.

7. Removing Negative Feedback on Amazon

Once you have resolved the issue that caused a customer to leave negative feedback, you can politely ask them to remove or change it. Most clients are happy to acknowledge the fact that you quickly fixed the problem. Alternatively, you can respond to the feedback stating that the issue is resolved.

8. Share Reviews Internally

Make sure your employees are aware of the reviews and feedback that you receive. Be it positive or negative, reviews can alarm you and help prevent similar issues that may lead to customer’s complaint in the future. Not only this, but reviews also build an impression about the target audience among employees that helps improve customer service.


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