How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

by | Jan 2, 2017 | Business & Entrepreneurship, Ecommerce

An eCommerce business must have a good customer base and an influx of new customers to remain successful. Because of this, it is important to turn as many one-time shoppers into frequent buyers as possible. To do this, you must ensure you maintain a good relationship with every customer. Remember, a happy customer is more inclined to come back and make more purchases. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep your clients coming back for more. Below we’ve listed some of the most effective.

1. Say “Thank You” – It Makes a Difference

The best and the simplest way to make your customer happy is to be courteous to them. A simple “thank you” does make a difference. A customer who is recognized and feels appreciated is likely to come back himself or refer you to his friends.

You can leave a more positive impression by going beyond just a “thanks.” A customer will feel more valued if you personalize it with a thank you card in the package, or if you send a coupon showing your gratitude for the business.

2. Prompt Response to Inquiries

Ways to Retain CustomersLet’s admit it; no one likes to wait. It is going to be a turn off it a customer has to wait days to have his questions answered. Chances are, he will just move on to some other store offering the same product along with a faster response time.

A prompt auto responder from the FAQ section that can answer general questions is a good idea; while you can personally handle more specific ones. Be it a big or a small business – consider employing customer-care representatives who know about your products and can promptly assist customers through calls, emails and messages from day one.

3. Know When to Apologize

Business is all about ups and downs. Keep your ego at bay and make a proactive move to apologize when the situation calls for it. It’s quite an art and takes a strong mind to be accountable for not only your mistakes but for employees, as well. In many cases, a simple apology will entice customers to give you another chance and stop them going to your competitors. That’s when you realize how important owning up to your mistakes and apologizing for them is. However, don’t expect to please everyone. There are some people out there who can never be satisfied, whatever you do. Just ensure you are genuine and sincere, and you’ll be able to turn many unhappy customers into happy ones.

4. Plan Personalized Services

Don’t wait for a query or a review from customers to initiate a communication with them. Plan for personalized service strategies, which can strengthen your relationships and build trust. A random service feedback call goes a long way in creating a good impression. It is important to let the customer know that you care about him. This builds a sense of loyalty from the customer’s end as well. And, you can always expect a loyal customer to come back to you over and over again.


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