How to Increase Conversion Rates on Your Product Pages: Five Pro Tweaks

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Business & Entrepreneurship, Ecommerce

Are your visitors abandoning their carts before the final sale? It may be time to make a few changes. The product page is central to your e-commerce conversion rate and it’s your first stop to make an immediate impact on your sales.

An excellent product page provides valuable information about the product, builds trust with visitors and ultimately converts visitors into buyers. With a few minor changes to your product pages, you can kickstart your e-commerce conversion optimization and gain a competitive edge.

1) Get Smart With Images

People like to see products before making a purchase, so a clear and appealing image is extremely important. Make sure that the first image to load is the best image and be sure to include images from multiple angles. A clean consistent background helps the product stand out and a zoom feature lets the viewer examine product features and get a clear idea of what to expect.

 Stock Supplies2) Display Your Stock Numbers

Showing stock supplies is an easy way to increase conversion rates. A dwindling supply sends a message of urgency to buyers who don’t want to miss out on a purchase. This is a highly effective method to increase follow-through with sales.

3) The Trust Factor

Most customers today base their purchase decisions on reviews. Make sure you’ve got a solid review program and your positive reviews are on display. Online purchases can also decline when customers lack trust in your encryption security. Put people’s minds at ease by displaying safety logos and trust seals to boost your credibility.

4) Questions? Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ Problems Concept

Adding an FAQ section and investing in a live chat feature answers questions so visitors can make purchases with confidence

Many customers have questions before a purchase. When these remain unanswered, customers are less likely to follow through with the purchase. Adding an FAQ section and investing in a live chat feature answers questions so visitors can make purchases with confidence. As a bonus, live chat transcripts can be stored and analyzed for future ecommerce conversion optimization.

5) Every Second Counts

The loading time of your page is a crucial metric that will encourage or discourage purchases. Streamline your product page template for quick loading so that high-resolution images, zoom features and live chat appear as soon as possible, ideally under two seconds. Product page loading speed is a crucial factor in how to increase conversion rates, so be sure to consider it whenever you add new features.

At CrewMachine, we understand the importance of e-commerce conversion optimization. Our team of experts have designed a platform aimed at analyzing and optimizing your product pages. With our experience and your industry knowledge, let us give you a competitive advantage.


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