How Good Content can Reduce Product Returns and Increase Customer Retention

by | Aug 6, 2016 | Ecommerce

Set customer’s expectations

Setting customer expectations is critical in any eCommerce scenario and web content plays a useful role in doing this. Authentic product descriptions, well-explained purchase options, and personalized customer services through live chat, emails and more – all these factors contribute to strengthening consumer trust and encourage repeat purchases.

Do not give false hopesDo not give false hopes

It’s not a good idea to post unrealistic information such as product details and delivery times just to draw attention to an item. For example, promising overnight delivery will only cause disappointment if you don’t follow through. Instead, promise delivery within a realistic timeline such as five business days. This will lead to customer retention.

Personalization is the key

It takes time to learn about your customers’ preferences and present them with relevant products determined by current trends/usage etc. A product usually only sells effectively if the customers can relate to it. Presenting content filled with too much irrelevant information may simply distract the viewer and lessen the appeal of an item. Instead, content should contain enough information to give the customer a reason to buy the product without including so much information that it becomes confusing or veers off topic. For example, it may not be compelling enough to say that “this luxurious bed sheet is made of 100-percent microfiber.” A better option is, “this bed sheet is made from 100-percent microfiber that offers plenty of softness for a good nights sleep.

Persuade customers to registerPersuade customers to register

The online content should be useful enough to convince a customer to register to your site without it getting in the way of a purchase. This, in the long run, will help increase customer retention. Special offers, sent from time to time to registered customers, often results in repeat purchases.

Improved e-mail customer service

Many customers prefer e-mails when it comes to customer service. Therefore, it is important to create well-written correspondence that can make and keep a good impression. Flat and ineffective content makes e-mails boring and appears unprofessional.

Effective content marketing

Welcome messages, post-purchase e-mails, event notifications, and special offer messages/ e-mails, etc. – are all effective customer retention strategies. It is also a good idea to touch base with existing customers regularly, share articles, new offers-news-services, etc. Writing blogs and using them as a way to build relationships with clients is also a good customer retention strategy.


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