How Crowdsourcing Content Writing Can Get More of Your Marketing Budget?

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Business & Entrepreneurship, Content Writing

Crowdsourcing Content for Marketing: The Smart Move

In the world of e-commerce, there’s no escaping the need for high-quality marketing content, and lots of it. Whether you’re operating in the B2B space or trying to attract consumer sales, content-as they say-is king. To keep up with the demand, many businesses are turning to crowdsourcing content for marketing purposes. The benefits of tapping into a flexible workforce include the following.

Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Scalable

If you started with a small inventory, it’s possible that you were able to handle your content needs internally for awhile. As a business’ product offerings grow, it will inevitably face the challenge of scaling its content while trying to maintain a reasonable online marketing budget.

A crowdsourced workforce offers writing and editing support, uninterrupted by staff issues such as vacation, sickness or side projects. As your content needs grow, so does the workforce. Crowdsourcing requires initial setup and nurturing to adjust workflows but after this initial stage, it offers an easier way to track your content marketing budget and ROI.

Get Customers Involved

Content Marketing StrategyDon’t forget the voice of your customers as a potential mine for online content. Not only do existing customers provide valuable information to your market research team, they also add credibility to your content. They can offer ideas for blog topics, let you know what information your site is missing or write share-worthy reviews and testimonials. Working with customers enhances brand loyalty while helping you craft your content marketing strategy.


Power Up Your Content’s Creativity

While staff writers know your brand very well, they can also suffer from topic exhaustion: the content marketer’s version of writer’s block. New voices bring new ideas to the table and keep your content fresh. Crowdsourced content often incorporates writers and editors from different regions and with different cultural backgrounds, which gives you insight into all the demographics that come into contact with your brand.


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