How CrewMachine Simplifies Workforce Management

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Project Management

Your software may be powerful and your content marketing plan airtight, but in order to implement your content initiatives, you’ll still have to work with people. Fortunately, we created CrewMachine to simplify project management and people management.

Whether the workforce that executes your content initiatives is composed of a few internal copywriters, several external vendors or a large number of freelancers, CrewMachine makes it easy to coordinate and manage them thanks to a variety of features that make large-scale project management possible.


CrewMachine’s rating system enables you to accurately assess how each member of your workforce is performing — no matter how large your workforce is.

As a piece of content passes through a workflow, each user rates the job done by the previous user in the workflow. For example, editors can rate writers on each assignment the writers do, and project managers can rate editors. These ratings are tracked, compiled and presented in an easy-to-read format on the CrewMachine Dashboard (read more about workforce management via the Dashboard below).

Search Tags

Ratings aren’t the only way to track your workforce in CrewMachine. You can assign custom search tags to the profile of each user in the system. This makes it easy to assign work to certain writers, or to find the editors you need to get a project going. Via search tags, you can also record which members of your workforce excel at which kinds of projects, helping you get the right people lined up at the start of any project.

Work History

With one click from a user’s profile, see every assignment they’ve ever worked on, the approval status of each assignment, and their average rating on each project. This enables you to quickly assess your workforce on an individual level.

user stats


Track ratings of each user in the system with comprehensive charts and data summaries on the CrewMachine Dashboard. Here, you can see every user’s average rating, and how much time they’re spending on their assignments.

Additionally, for each project you can see where each piece of content is in the workflow. You can assess which aspects of a project are going well, and where the pain points are for your project, at a glance.


Automatic Emails

Communicating with your workforce is essential, but sometimes the amount of communication that’s required for a large-scale project can become overwhelming. CrewMachine is designed to take some of that off your plate.

Our platform is set up so that certain actions trigger automatic emails to the appropriate users. For example, if an editor sends an assignment back to the writer for revision, the platform sends an automatic email to the writer alerting them of this. This takes some of the manual effort out of project management.

Easy, dynamic workforce management is just part of what CrewMachine offers to make content creation simple. Contact us to learn more, and be sure to keep up with our blog!


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