In the digital age, brand integrity is more essential than ever. It’s crucial that everything your company puts out on the Internet conforms to your company’s voice and is up to your standards.

We were well aware of the challenges faced by digital content marketers when we began building our platform, which is why we built it to address those challenges. CrewMachine is designed to make it easy to enforce brand guidelines across all kinds and all sizes of content projects. With its dynamic creative briefs feature and additional features, CrewMachine offers functionality rarely seen in the digital marketing space.

We want you to stop worrying about brand integrity and start focusing on producing content. Here’s how our platform helps you do that.

Creative Briefs

Any worthwhile content marketing platform will have a way to create, store and distribute creative briefs. CrewMachine provides that, but also makes it easy to update your briefs, have unique ones for each project, and synchronize them across assignments and projects.

Additionally, CrewMachine’s creative brief interface is a powerful one. With tabs, you can set up multiple pages in the creative briefs field. Whether you want to break down your brand guidelines into smaller sections or break out the instructions into different components, this makes it easy to have all the information pertaining to a content project in one place.

Best of all, it’s easy for your content creators to access the creative briefs field — all they have to do is scroll slightly up. They won’t have to click around to find the information they need.

Negative filters

Every company has a certain way they’d like to talk about their products, their services, and themselves. Brand guidelines are all well and good, but how do you know they’re being followed? CrewMachine’s negative filters feature allows you to maintain the integrity of your brand’s voice at a granular level.

More than just checking for explicit and inappropriate language, our negative filters are customizable. Ban any number of specific words or phrases that you feel are harmful to your brand’s image, and those words won’t be able to make it through the system. Learn more about our negative filters feature here.


You want your brand’s content to conform to a certain standard and follow a certain format. CrewMachine’s templates feature makes it easy to implement that. Use the templates that we’ve added to the platform — or, create customized templates to meet your current project’s specific needs. This way, it’s easy to guide your workforce as they create content so that you get exactly the content you need.

CrewMachine is designed to help you strengthen and maintain your brand, but that’s not the only way we’re changing the content marketing game. Get in touch with us today to learn more about this groundbreaking platform, and don’t forget to check our blog for news and information!


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