With the amount of content necessary for building an adequate content marketing campaign or SEO outreach, how do you maintain your brand integrity? This was one of the problems we set out to solve in building CrewMachine, and our negative filters are one part of that solution. Our negative filters enable content managers to automatically block any language they deem harmful to their brand.

How Do They Work?

Basically, any content that contains a blocked word or phrase cannot be submitted to the next level of the workflow. Upon clicking “Submit,” the user will see a pop-up window alerting them to the presence of the banned text, and they will be unable to take any action until they remove it.

negative filters

You can add further instructions to the pop-up window to explain why the specific word or phrase is banned and what action should be taken by the user.

What Are They For?

For whatever you want! You can unilaterally ban any number of words and phrases from all the copy your workforce produces.

This way, you can avoid language that damages your brand or alienates your target audience. If your target audience is teens and young adults, for example, you probably want to avoid words like “vintage,” “classic,” and “old-school” in your product copy (and it wouldn’t hurt to avoid “groovy” and “swell” either). Block those words with the negative filters, and you won’t see them in any of the copy you produce.

You can also partially enforce your brand’s unique style guidelines automatically. As an example, AP style is to write “Wi-Fi,” not “wifi,” “wi-fi,” or “WIFI.” However, this stipulation is not enforced by most spellcheck programs. If your brand uses AP style and you want to make sure this spelling is used in the copy, you’re able to add all the incorrect spellings of “Wi-Fi” to the list of banned words, and add instructions to correct it to “Wi-Fi” if the incorrect spelling is used.

In addition, CrewMachine’s negative filters are already set up to block any inappropriate or explicit language, though you can always add to the list!

How Does This Benefit Me?

Put simply, negative filters enable you to define and shape your brand as broadly or as narrowly as you want — and the parameters you set up will be enforced by the software itself.

CrewMachine’s negative filters feature is just one of many that set it apart from the other content marketing platforms out there. Contact us or request a demo to see the negative filters in action!


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