eZdia at eBay OPEN 2016 – The Ecommerce Seller Event of the Year

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eZdia at the eBay OPEN 2016

Yet another exciting event…yet some more knowledge sharing! eZdia is proud to be associated with the eBay OPEN 2016 – the eBay seller’s conference, happening at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas from 26th to 29th of July, 2016. The event is intended for the enthusiast sellers who sell or are willing to sell their products on eBay. Be it a start-up or an established company, looking for a prospective selling fortune – every entity has been offered a knowledge sharing podium through this event. Sellers have been given an access to the latest tools, information and best practices to improve sales and streamline business on eBay.

Seller Event of The Year

eZdia at eBay OPEN 2016

Primarily focusing on learning, networking and celebration, the event is dedicated to help and boost the seller’s success on eBay. The workshop includes topics that give a fair insight into eBay’s long term strategies, updates on eBay seller tools, and different programs to flourish business. 

eZdia Joins the Seller Celebration by introducing Crewmachine, its Content Creation Platform for Sellers

Deepak Goyal, Co Founder and CTO of eZdia at eBay OPEN

Deepak Goyal, Co CEO and CTO of eZdia at eBay OPEN 2016, Las Vegas.

At the event, eZdia is showcasing their core content solutions for e-commerce sellers and promoting the content platform CrewMachine, which is being used by top eCommerce companies, brands, and merchants worldwide. There are so many information seekers whom we have explained different aspects where and how CrewMachine can help – especially by creating automated content. We have come across sellers who are looking for promotion of their brands, curious about probable ways like partnership to justifying the cost of using the system. They are glad to know that CrewMachine cuts eCommerce content set-up costs by 50%!


E-commerce sellers are excited about this New Generation Content Creation Platform that helps them to: 

  • Create product listings that sell
  • Perform better in terms of optimization to drive traffic
  • Publish faster through automated process of content creation
  • Manage a streamlined work flow by a synergized collaboration with different departments and roles
  • Effectively handle functions like assignment distribution, execution and submission
  • Analyze gaps, track and report full loops
  • Extend content across all channels like web, mobile, blogs, guides and more
  • Sync with different publishing platforms like eBay, Amazon and various other leading marketplaces through API integrations

Alok and Vaibhav at eBay OPEN 2016

Alok Jain, Co CEO and CMO of eZdia with Vaibhav Jain, Marketing Manager at eBay OPEN 2016

While informing the crowd enough about our well-integrated content management system we have spoken about how we can also help lay out the information architecture, prepare the product descriptions, list down the attributes, research and curate images, monitor at multiple levels of work execution etc. Sellers are thrilled to know about our count of over 35,000 managed, trained, and monitored resources in 140 countries worldwide, who have been associated with us.

Over and above every aspect, eBay OPEN 2016 is a great conference for meeting and networking with so many sellers, industry leaders, eBay employees and business partners. Such events are ideal places for a lot of brain storming among the top notch intellects of the industry and recognize future prospects.

Ebay open Conference Las vegas

Ebay open with Alok and Deepak

Ebay open general session

Ebay open booths

Ebay open presentation


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