eCommerce Content Automation is the ‘It’ Thing, and It’s Time You Know Why!

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Content Automation, Ecommerce

From inventory management and price control to image processing and product listing, most facets of an eCommerce business involve some automation. And why not, automation speeds up processes, scales your business, increases consistency and lowers costs. If you skip this important part, it’s very likely that you’ll lose visitors and sales a competitor (who is fiercely using automation).

But what happened to the automation of product descriptions? Why is there not a push for creative content that is easy to churn, requires less engagement and is, in turn, is inexpensive?

Supposed Risks/Fears of Product Description Automation:

Tough Implementation

The idea of creating automation is good but doing it often requires hard work, research and a sound knowledge of algorithms. This means time, money and human resource involvement, none of which are easy things to come by.


There is a fear that automated content will be repetitive, boring and predictable. It’s a machine after all, and so will need human involvement to keep up with the changes in the tone and views of the product or the company. This makes the whole idea of automation more or less half-baked.


Many worry that automation can make the art of content development robotic and impersonal. Such automation can undermine the brand relationship that can be achieved only through human contact.

The Pros of Content Description Automation:

High Productivity

You remain competitive, as busy work like churning out hundreds of product descriptions becomes a cakewalk. You get what you want, at the time you want it. This leads to increased productivity.

Individual Writing can be Expensive

Keyword research, writing, editing and project management overheads all require a monetary investment. Also, there are many situations where you might not need completely unique copies if you are just writing about different variants of the same product. Automation cuts through these layers and offers significant cost savings as it’s machine generated and eliminates the need to hire writers.

Consistency in Quality

Let’s face it no two writers can write the same. Also, it’s a tad difficult to make different writers follow the same tone and brand voice for consistency. This requires mentoring and overseeing. Automation removes human error at all levels as it can be standardized to your needs.

No Dependency

You can time your uploads without worrying that they won’t be ready. There is no human dependency, which makes the process straight forward and fast.

CrewMachine – A Fool-Proof Solution for Content Creation

Crewmachine Content Creation Platform

CrewMachine creates system generated product descriptions for several content projects in a matter of seconds

In the digital age, content is an asset that may need to be automated as it helps to standardize engaging and relevant content without taking much time.

With eZdia’s content creation platform, CrewMachine, building content for both brands and internet retailers is as easy as making a few clicks.

The Platform Works on Sound Algorithms

The platform (through algorithms based on analytics) creates system generated product descriptions for several content projects in a matter of seconds. These come complete with keywords and attribute data.

Continually Updated Algorithms

The algorithm (named GURU) is updated constantly based on the latest market trends and collective intelligence of hundreds of CrewMachine users who are selling in similar domains. It is, because of this, that the product descriptions created are error-free and can be produced in bulk.

Follows Latest Guidelines

The platform uses the latest guidelines from marketplaces like eBay and Amazon to SEO-friendly product descriptions that aim at conversion also. Basically, you can manage, source, or build content across various channels like marketplaces, eCommerce platforms, and more through CrewMachine.

One Place for All

It will become a place for all your writers, publishers, editors and project managers to work in unison to generate suitable content. This reduces the cost of content creation and helps produce good quality content at the speed of light.

Identifies and Fixes Gaps in Product Catalogs

With its rich knowledge drawn from umpteen sellers working and using the platform, CrewMachine can suggest missing attributes. This is particularly useful when there are hundreds of products, and the chances of missing attributes are high. Through CrewMachine’s various content enrichment workflows a seller can update and fill these gaps.

API Integration for One-Click Publishing

Once the content is ready and uploaded on CrewMachine, the seller can use the easy integration tools to publish the product descriptions anywhere on their site in one easy click.


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