The Importance of E-Commerce Visual Merchandising

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Ecommerce

Brick and mortar storefronts lure customers inside with creative visual merchandising. Whether it’s on main street or the internet, the retail space is highly competitive and you have a matter of seconds to grab a buyer’s attention with your virtual storefront.

Visitors make purchasing decisions based on three key components: attraction, engagement and motivation. Your branded environment compels customers to return, engage and buy based on how well you present your inventory in mobile and desktop formats.

In Brief: What E-commerce Visual Merchandising Should Accomplish

Think of your homepage as where you begin your conversation with your customer. Telling your brand story includes many consistent elements:

  • Compelling and vivid images of your products, including a hero image wherever possible
  • Your most relevant brand information (ATF) in clear, concise language
  • Visual elements to highlight product features
  • Positive customer comments and ratings
  • Easy-to-find social media buttons
  • A clear call to action which you reiterate throughout the site

The more successfully you deploy creative online visual marketing, the more your homepage:

  • Engages visitors instantly
  • Increases overall individual sessions
  • Increases average order value (AOV)

Examples of Excellence in Online Visual Merchandising

We culled the web for examples of fantastic visual merchandising in online retail. These brands may not be household names, but they are brilliant standard-bearers for how e-tailers, both large and small, should grab their customers as soon as those buyers walk in the virtual door.


Vertical: Home Goods (Mattresses)

Why it made the cut:

  • The hero image tells buyers everything they need to know
  • Memorable tagline that features the brand’s USP
  • Graphics that “show” the feature/benefit story
  • Discount offer
  • Easy-to-spot “buy” call to action and toll-free number
  • Awesome product comparisons
  • Constant positive messaging


Vertical: Kids & Baby

Why it made the cut:

  • Visual storytelling
  • Eye-popping graphic design
  • Feature/Benefit language
  • Aspirational taglines
  • Absorbing images that “show” the benefits of their sleep system
  • Speaks directly to its audience (new parents)
  • Easy-to-read grid style
  • Fabulous navigation


Vertical: Men’s Lifestyle

Why it made the cut:

  • The images immediately speak to their buyer
  • Professional, brilliantly-curated images
  • Who doesn’t want to “Look Like a Gentleman”? (Great language, simple but direct and fun)
  • Monochrome, grid-style layout products grouped by collection (easier to shop)
  • Modern, chic design aesthetic (ideal for their demo)


Vertical: Bath and Body

Why it made the cut:

  • How awesome is the name, first of all?
  • Images that immediately communicate company and brand values
  • Products featured on the homepage make for easy discoverability
  • Top-notch images and design elements
  • Easy to navigate collection grid layout
  • Social proof features: while not all brands can make hashtags work on the homepage, Rad Soap Company entices the buyer to go to the company’s Instagram page.

Need some help diagnosing your homepage? We can do that. In fact, we’d love to give you a content health report for free. Email us or call us at 888.870.8744 to learn more about how CrewMachine can help you develop road-tested marketing strategies to increase sales.


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