E-Commerce Content Creation Made Simple

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Ecommerce

E-commerce platforms need content to function. Content attracts customers, guides them, and persuades them to make a purchase.

We built CrewMachine after years of experience providing all kinds of content to e-commerce companies. This means we’re familiar with the specific needs of this still-young industry, and we’ve designed CrewMachine to accommodate those needs.

From product descriptions and landing page content to buying guides, our platform is specifically set up to help you create the content you need to engage your target audience and increase your conversions.

Contact us to learn more about how CrewMachine supports e-commerce, and read on for a closer look at some of the kinds of e-commerce content our platform is built for.

Product Description Copy

This is content that informs the prospective customer about the product and convinces them to make a purchase. This content should be readable, informative and optimized for search, using enough keywords to have SEO value but not so many that it reads like it’s “stuffed” with keywords. Product copy must highlight the attributes and major selling points of the product to be effective.

CrewMachine makes it easy to stage product copy-focused projects, enabling you to conduct keyword research, compile product attributes, and create and edit properly formatted content — all from one platform.

Landing Page Copy

For e-commerce sites, landing pages are crucial. They welcome consumers to the site and guide them in their search for products. Landing page copy has immense potential SEO value. If the copy is high-quality and engaging, consumers are more likely to click around more on your site. And if it incorporates keywords appropriately, it will funnel potential customers to your conversion pages. Plan, stage and implement landing page copy-based projects easily on CrewMachine.

Buying Guides

These are guides to a product or a category of products telling a customer which qualities to look for in a product and guiding them through the process of finding what they need. They’re like the online equivalent of a helpful, knowledgeable in-store sales rep, though they shouldn’t put too much pressure on the customer to buy.

Buying guides have great SEO value — consumers commonly turn to Google searches for information and guidance, and your e-commerce can provide it to them, establishing your site as a trustworthy source. CrewMachine is already configured to support the creation and publication of buying guides.


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