Digital Marketing Tactics to Drive your 2016 Holiday Strategy

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Ecommerce

The holiday shopping season is almost upon us, and there’s sure to be a lot of competition in the e-commerce industry. During the past few years, the increase in mobile shoppers has resulted in a boost in eCommerce activity, especially during the festive months. By now, many retailers have realized that simply adding a few holiday keywords isn’t enough to attract customers and generate more sales. To cope with customer’s demands and beat the competition, it’s important to do some strategic planning.

1. Study Customer’s Behavior

One of the most important tactics is to analyze and understand customer behavior. Once you have a good idea about how they feel, think and make purchasing decisions you’ll be able to more accurately predict what products they’ll buy, influence their decisions and create a more accurate marketing plan.

2. Reach out to Everyone

It’s important never to assume that your target audience belongs to a particular demographic. For example, while you may know that a product you sell is aimed at college students, you don’t know whether it’s the students themselves, parents, grandparents or someone else making the purchase. Therefore, it’s a good idea to prepare for and reach out to as many potential customers as possible.


3. Assess and Manage Time

Are you aware of the amount of time between when an item is advertised online and when people begin to make purchases? This often acts as a catalyst to influence consumers in making their purchasing decisions.

4. Plan and Retarget Campaigns

While search ads are effective, retargeting campaigns can significantly increase the amount of customers that visit your website. Send out banner advertisements to your existing users and those who have recently visited your site. You can typically expect more conversion rates from people familiar with your site than from those who have never seen it before.

5. Plan for Personalization

Customer ExperienceSurveys have proven that 78 percent of consumers buy more products when they receive targeted and personalized offers. Also, more than 70 percent expect some level of personalization from the brands they regularly shop with.

Creating customized experiences for customers helps retailers to increase online conversion rates. When creating personalized advertisements think about presenting the headline, message, image and call-to-action, etc. in a creative, interactive and convincing way. This can only be achieved by considering your specific audiences personalities and preferences.

6. Create Noise Through Social Media

Your fun through social media should never stop. Indulge in as much activity as possible through various platforms to promote updates about your business. Holiday shopping trends constantly change, so as a retailer, it’s important to create relevant posts and updates. Be as versatile as possible to get the most out of every holiday campaign and watch your business flourish.

7. Utilize Promotional Opportunities

The holiday season is one of the only times of the year when customers don’t mind being bombarded with advertisements and campaigns. This means that they are a very good time for some major promotions. So, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Consider flash ads, custom themes, homepage graphics, banner ads, lucky shoppers, early sales promotions and more. – the possibilities are limitless,

8. Virtual Reality

With virtual reality emerging in a big way, it’s fairly obvious that it will affect digital marketing too. While personalization is already a major factor, it’s a good idea of getting in the habit of promoting your products in a way that relates to real life. Billions of dollars have already been spent researching how this concept will change eCommerce. It will be quite interesting to see how this new technology unfolds.


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