When it comes to content creation and content marketing, flexibility is key. That’s why we built CrewMachine to accommodate all kinds of projects and all kinds of processes.

CrewMachine's workflows

Unique Workflow

Naturally, different projects have different development requirements. A short blog post may need to pass through more stages of approval than a product description. An in-depth article, in turn, will require more research than a short blog post.

CrewMachine enables you to set up these workflows — and any other workflows of any complexity — quickly and easily. Decide in what order you want your content to be researched, written, edited, reviewed and optimized for search. Set up and establish that order with a few clicks. Simplify or lengthen the content creation process as you see fit by adding roles to the workflow whenever you want.

Additionally, CrewMachine enables you to be flexible in your approach. You can set workflows at the level of each individual assignment, or update the workflow in bulk for projects as a whole.

Due Dates

CrewMachine does more than merely enabling customized workflows. To keep your projects on schedule and on track, we’ve made it easy to set up due dates for each stage of the workflow.

Plan your projects in advance with due dates for each section of your workforce, whether you’re working with an internal team or external vendors. This way, you’re never behind, and you’re prepared to produce a steady stream of content — a necessity for effective content marketing. You can also be sure projects progress smoothly and on time through each stage of the process.

Workflow management is just one of the many ways CrewMachine is changing and streamlining the content creation process. To learn more, contact us, request a demo or take a look at our blog.


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