eZdia, a leading content solutions provider for e-Commerce announced the launch of their cloud-based enterprise content creation platform – The CrewMachine. CrewMachine helps brands and agencies to create, enrich, analyze, and publish any type of marketing or e-Commerce content very easily.

Unlike other project, content marketing or content management tools, CrewMachine enables to handle all specialized content within the realms of regulated brand guidelines,helps to create effective workflows, and on-boards and manages all internal and external workforce seamlessly.

“The genesis and evolution of CrewMachine has been driven from the demand side and the need we’ve seen from our customers for a simple tool to manage complex content, says Deepak Goyal, the visionary CTO and Co-founder of CrewMachine. “This tool is especially useful for large e-Commerce brands and digital agencies who are constantly juggling with large volumes of different types of content,” he adds.

“We’ve got some big plans for CrewMachine in the next few years. We’re constantly adding new features, listening to the pulse of our customers, and making the infrastructure robust to scale faster, says Rahul Shah, Chief Product Officer of CrewMachine.

“The enterprise content market is crowded. There are a million tools to manage different aspects of content. But the market still needs that one tool to manage and monitor the lifecycle of specialized content (especially in e-Commerce) in one interface efficiently”, says Alok Jain, CMO and Co-founder of CrewMachine. “CrewMachine has been addressing this concern for several brands now and we think that this is just the beginning”, he added.

“The CrewMachine platform helped to create and manage different types of e-Commerce content and scale our large initiatives quickly without compromising on quality. The style guidelines established the much needed structure for such an initiative and brought out the best for Myntra’s Topline”, says Kaushal Thakkar, Sr. Product Manager at Myntra ( a large marketplace in India).

 Stay tuned to hear more from us on where we are taking CrewMachine. If you would like to read more about the platform, visit www.crewmachine.com. To see a demo, please reach out to us at support@crewmachine.com.

About CrewMachine

CrewMachine is a platform specifically designed for agencies and brands to manage large-scale content needs in a streamlined way. CrewMachine is completely customizable to your business needs and integrates seamlessly with all e-Commerce, content, and SEO platforms. We support all leading e-Commerce platforms and content management systems. www.crewmachine.com

Media Contact: Padmini Murthy, eZdia, Inc, 4082194806, padmini.m@ezdia.com

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