Tips and Tricks for CrewMachine’s WYSIWYG Editor

Tips and Tricks for CrewMachine’s WYSIWYG Editor

Content Writing

Crewmachine is a versatile platform, bursting with features and functionalities. One of our most commonly used features is a rich WYSIWYG editor that allows our subject matter experts to easily create beautiful content.

This rich editor puts an array of formatting options at your fingertips, including:

  • Add/remove links
  • Insert tables
  • Add images and video
  • View and edit the source code
  • Track your changes
  • See what changes someone else made to the content and accept or reject those changes
  • Highlight portions of the text and leave comments on it.
  • Many formatting options, including headings, fonts, and lists

However, to save our experts time, our editor is also equipped with keyboard shortcuts, promoting economy of movement and boosting productivity. To help speed up your process and reduce the number of mouse clicks you make while writing, I’ve compiled a list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts you’ll need for our WYSIWYG editor.

Another incredibly useful keyboard shortcut inserts a link. It’s simply Ctrl+K for PC or Command+K for Mac. But, assuming you’re trying to insert a link on some anchor text, you need to use a sequence of shortcuts.

  1. Use the highlight keyboard shortcut to highlight the text you want to use as your link anchor.
  2. Once the text is highlighted, use the insert link shortcut, paste in your link, and hit Enter.

Get to grips with these handy keyboard shortcuts and you’ll be amazed at how much time they save you!

Artificial vs Human Intelligence and The Problems with Automated Content Creation

Artificial vs Human Intelligence and The Problems with Automated Content Creation

Content Automation

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) to generate web content is the next big thing in the ecommerce market. Considering that automated content analysis is the next benchmark, the strategies that go into the process need to be examined. If we analyze the problems with automated content creation, it’s obvious that there are a few challenges to address. To create quality ecommerce content, human and machine intelligence need to work together.

Emotive Quality Connects to CustomersSway Customer Buying Decision

The application of artificial intelligence can yield great results in terms of generating great quantities of content. However, the quality of that content may lack the insights that human intelligence can offer. Product descriptions must be relatable. The content should excite the customers and sway their buying decisions. The AI’s algorithmic implications may provide factual product descriptions for ecommerce, but incorporating emotive quality may be a challenge that machines can’t quite meet.

Value Added Sentences Increase Description Quality

AI created content is constructed on a bed of existing data. Therefore, one of the problems with automated content creation is that the AI can’t generate fresh ideas. AI generated, machine-driven content is lacking ‘common sense’. Algorithmic implications can easily identify and describe a black dress or a cotton shirt. What they can’t do is describe the value additions that mean so much to the reader, such as the texture, the design or the feel of the material. While AI can produce a product description, it can’t make a joke, engage a reader with insights or highlight the usefulness of a subtle feature. Hence, automated content may fail to engage a reader.

Convincing Descriptions Make an Impact

AI generated content can speak of the attributes of the products, but lacks the value additions related to those attributes. While AI generated content can effectively feature a description of the product, it will not involve any subjective opinion about the product. The lack of such opinion is often obvious to the reader, and such clinical descriptions may unfavorably sway their buying decisions. Human intelligence is needed to make the leaps in logic that elevate product descriptions from boring facts to creative, convincing content.

Keyword Optimization Brings in New Readers

Readers will only stick around for high-quality contentWhen addressing the problems with automated content creation, search result rankings must be mentioned. Regardless of the quality, AI-generated content that doesn’t appear in search results hasn’t reached its intended audience. Machine generated content often doesn’t abide by the rules of keyword optimization. If keywords for product descriptions or category pages are not properly optimized, then the customer’s searches will be fruitless. Optimization depends on, again, leaps of logic, which consider keyword phrasing, placement, context and related terms. Content that grows out of human intelligence keeps the buyer’s search concerns in mind while optimizing.

Competent Descriptions Increase Convertibility

Since machine generated content is laid upon existing data and facts, it may fail to update itself. Therefore, the content may lag behind that of competitors in the e-commerce market. Lack of proper updates at regular interval creates a gap. This also results in making the content non-convertible in terms of generating organic traffic in the Google search page. Human intervention and oversight are necessary to detect and address any such content gaps.

While AI-driven content creation can generate large quantities of product descriptions at the touch of a button, it does not remove or replace the human element. However, human and machine intelligence can work together in harmony to produce high-quality product descriptions for ecommerce.

How to Write an Effective Buyer’s Guide

How to Write an Effective Buyer’s Guide

Content Writing

What is a Buying Guide?

With so many people choosing to shop online, a buying guide is an essential tool that can help customers make a purchasing decision. A buying guide is designed to simplify the purchasing process, by providing all the necessary information. It should be easy to read and navigate; a simple click should take customers to the information they are looking for. The purpose of writing buyers guide is to inspire, inform and attract the readers to make a sound purchase.

Why is a Buying Guide so Important?

Educated customers are better customers. They are not just browsers; they are people who want to get the best product facts. Buying guides for eCommerce are essential as they help consumers with invaluable content and provide maximum sales potential. They should include things like product specifications, comparisons of similar products and customer testimonials to help customers to make an informed decision.

How to Write a Top-Notch Buying Guide?

Here are a few tips:

1. Information and Educational Content

 Information and Educational ContentThe purpose behind writing buyers guides is to inspire customers to read and to buy. Flush out the content by providing knowledge of the pros and cons of the product. Stick to the facts, and be sure to highlight features and their benefits.

What the reader wants to know is:

  • Confirmation about what they already know
  • Reassurance that the product is right for them
  • Proof that you have in-depth knowledge and they can trust you

2. Keep an Eye on the Tone

It is vital that a buying guide is unbiased and neutral. The voice may be less chatty and professional enough that the site becomes a trusted source of information. While writing buyers guide, remember that the tone of the guide should be friendly, helpful and interesting enough to keep the readers engaged till the end.

3. Rich Keywords and SEO Friendly

To make your buying guide work, create content that is SEO friendly. Provide keywords that are frequently used by customers while looking for a product. Certain keywords should be included in the headings and sub-heads as they are more prominent to read.

4. Images Convey More Things

Images play a major role in a buyers guide and make it more customer-friendly. Use pictures that provide an insight into the topic. Whether you shoot original photography, prepare a collage or use images from other sites (free for commercial use), the purpose should be to inspire readers to read and enjoy the content.

5. Easy Browsing

Apart from providing all the relevant and necessary information, the guide should be structured such that it is easy to read. It should be mobile-friendly as well so that potential customers can read your guide even while on the go. While designing a buying guide for eCommerce, it is important to ensure it’s correctly formatted. It should also be easily downloadable which may encourage existing customers to share it.

6. Links for a better purchase

Links for Better PurchaseWhen you include links, your site’s visibility increases. Wherever possible, add links that direct customers to the generic category pages or specific product page. Add search keywords to the anchor text so that the clients know exactly where the link will take them. When content is product-focused, include image mapping that will help readers to check out the products they are looking for. Tags, labels, links and prices need to be regularly updated to maximize sales.

Final Piece of Advice:

  • Be sure that you spell check the content before publishing
  • Read, edit and then double check the final copy to avoid fluffy language
  • For merit points, keep the content updated
  • Avoid writing sales pitch
  • Make your guide truly impartial and a valuable source of information

At CrewMachine, we work to provide content that will inspire and inform the readers. Our pool of writers, editors and graphic experts can help you design the perfect guide that will drive traffic to your site.

Why 90% of Internet Retailers Can’t Afford Quality Content

Why 90% of Internet Retailers Can’t Afford Quality Content

Content Writing

With more than 3-billion internet users around the world, it’s no wonder that buying and selling online have become so popular. The competitive eCommerce marketplace is primarily driven by quality content that’s original, relevant, precise and crisp. It sets the stage for products and services to be seen and heard and is what makes conversions and final sales possible, so it’s easy to understand the importance of content in eCommerce. But like all good things, quality content comes with a price tag.

What Exactly is Quality Content?

It’s one of the things that Google looks for when crawling websites. It helps you rank better in all search engines, increases your credibility and trustworthiness and eventually brings conversions, sales and repeat customers. Quality content should:

  • Be an appropriate length for mobile and desktop users
  • Be coherent, grammatically correct and include accurate spelling
  • Include strong keywords
  • Be supplemented with images, videos, infographics and other media
  • Be correctly formatted for the page
  • Should cater to the reader’s needs
  • Should answer whatever draws visitors to your website

Quality Content is Expensive

There are many reasons why quality content is expensive, including the following.

1. Creating Original, High-Quality Content is Hard Work

While it may seem easy, content creation requires skilled writers, programmers and database experts. You also need people who are proficient with computer graphics, mobile platforms and APIs. Producing content that speaks to an audience takes time and requires dedication, time and focus. All of these things take resources and experience, which of course, tends to be expensive.

2. Experienced, Professional Content Companies Come at a Premium

Content creation agencies do more than just write product descriptions, blogs and more. They spend a lot of time searching for data, studies and articles related to the specific topics they are working on to help them have a better understanding of the information. They also research other content that’s available and analyze its quality and search engine ranking and then look for ways to create content that is better and that could rank higher. Finally, the research that they do helps to ensure that all content being creative offers either direct or indirect support for the produce or service each client provides, backed up with relevant data. That lengthy process comes at a premium.

3. Content Requires Analysis

Crewmachine Content Cost Reduction StrategiesGood quality content is a marketing tool that keeps working over time. It’s much more than simply writing a few words or paragraphs and then walking away. It requires a lot of analysis and continuous improvement. It’s important to determine which themes and formats work best and then adjust the brand’s strategies accordingly. This continual analysis and reporting is critical and requires people with specific abilities.

Is it Worth the Cost?

Some brands don’t consider content marketing to be effective, and therefore don’t place emphasis on how it’s done or the results it achieves. However, those brands almost certainly rank poorly in search engines and miss out on a lot of sales. Companies that understand the importance of content marketing within their organization are much more likely to have a larger investment in content creation and more importantly emphasize the need for quality within their team.

Additionally, the process of developing a good content creation strategy will often uncover technical, logistical and sales changes that may need to be made to improve the effectiveness of content marketing. You could have the best quality content available, but if there’s no infrastructure to convert traffic from the content into sales, it won’t be effective.

Yes, quality content marketing is expensive, however, when done effectively it gets remarkable results. High-quality eCommerce content marketing, whether it be blog posts, landing pages or simple product descriptions lead to increased traffic and higher conversion rates. It also increases brand credibility, boosts client trust and often results in customers making more repeat purchases.

How CrewMachine Creates High-Quality Content Without Spending Big Bucks

How CrewMachine Creates High-Quality Content Without Spending Big Bucks

Content Automation

Today a piece of content is often the communicating link between a marketer and a consumer. So, your content should be able to capture the attention of potential buyers and make your site stand out among your competitors. High-quality content writing needs patience and consistency and can take a lot of time.

In order to boost your site’s ranking and drive traffic you need to have impressive content. But, like other marketing tactics, content can be effective as well as cost-effective. CrewMachine makes it possible to create content that is affordable for small business without sacrificing the results. Let’s check out how.

Strong Connection with Readers: In order to engage your audience, creating quality content is vital. CrewMachine allows you to provide content that educates the readers about the features and benefits of the items you sell. It also helps you to create quality content that is relevant to the target audience and keeps them engaged.

Promising Introduction and Headlines: A catchy headline and an attention-grabbing introduction never fails to grab the attention of the readers. These elements will help to spread your content over social media and get discovered by others. While writing headlines, CrewMachine suggests attributes and frequently used words that will help you highlight the usefulness of the blog/product and the urgency to read it NOW.

SEO ContentSEO Content: Quality content writing helps to drive traffic to your site. So, the content needs to be SEO friendly. CrewMachine pays attention to SEO metrics to ensure your website gets the maximum visibility. This includes keyword research and optimizing the content so that your site ranks higher on Google. The system alerts you of any broken links and checks the keyword density, tags and Meta content. Also, new features are added regularly to keep up with the Google changes.

Visual Content: People not only love stories but also enjoy looking at pictures, videos and diagrams. These visuals often help customers make a purchasing decision. So, while writing product descriptions, it is recommended to include attractive featured images with the right color and size. CrewMachine can simplify this process for you. Crewmachine has numerous pre-defined templates which suggest place-holders for images, videos and more. This helps the users to create rich product descriptions, blogs and other valuable content.

Short and Precise Composition: It is always quality and quantity that wins over the length of the content. While writing a product description, it is important to give all the information in a clear, concise way. The information should be correct and the font size should be easily readable. CrewMachine includes special algorithms that help you remove spammy and irrelevant content so that you can create a brief, to-the-point description. This tool also comes with word count and character count features that automatically check the length of the article.

Cost-effective Content: We can create automated content which will not only save money but will also free up your time for other important work. Also, the tool enable writes to checkout items for writing, which is later submitted for the next role to finalize. CrewMachine features like negative filters, creative briefs and keyword counters continually brings the writer back on track through proper warning and error messages.

Make Regular Updates: Simply writing and publishing is not enough to bring visitors to your site. Creating quality content also includes timely updates. When content becomes outdated, there are fewer readers and search engine rankings drop. It is wise as well as economical to update the original content rather than write something new. CrewMachine has easy-to-use features that enable you to update the posts regularly with all the necessary information.

These are the few ways CrewMachine can reduce the costs of your content creation. CrewMachine is a dynamic platform that combines both machine and human assistance to ensure that you have the best content everytime you publish.

Smart Content is What E-commerce Companies are Turning Towards

Smart Content is What E-commerce Companies are Turning Towards

Content Writing

As an eCommerce entity, you want your content to help maximize your marketing efforts. However, if you’re showing your visitor the same content irrespective of what search word/term they used to come to your site – you’re doing a disservice to your portal.

Enter smart content!

1) What is Smart Content?

To put it simply, smart content is flexible content that is tailored for your customer/audience and their interests. It uses extremely practical elements and strong automated dynamic assembly to churn out relatable content. This way it also drives ROI and increases market sanctified leads. This unstructured content format can be personalized and molded for any customer or content requirement. Meaning, whether you want content for a particular buyer or need to introduce your brand to a certain demographic, smart content will be your ally. So, what is fuelling eCommerce companies to turn towards it? Let’s break it down for you:

2) Catches AttentionPersonalized Content

Research shows that personalized content improves the profitability and performance of a website, and helps in making the site more interactive for its visitors. Why? Every customer or visitor has differing views and needs. When individualized content caters to them and their needs it becomes relatable and an instant hit. For an eCommerce company, this type of interaction can lead to possible conversions and in turn sales.

3) Captures all Sorts of Leads

No matter what conversion path your audience uses to arrive at your website, smart content will provide them with a seamless and personalized experience. The material will be transparent and give each visitor a choice to move ahead or move back through the site. It also helps the consumer navigate the sales labyrinth quickly. Such transparent and non-intrusive content is rewarded by the customer through sales, loyalty and word-of-mouth praise- three essential things an eCommerce website thrives on.

4) Drives Brand Awareness

Smart content does a fabulous job at educating potential and returning customers and also creating brand awareness. By being “consumer-centric” and not “company-centric” smart content makes a consumer’s experience on your website relevant and speeds up the entire purchase decision by suggesting the next best option for each user. This approach, in turn, builds faith in your brand and converts existing consumers into brand promoters. This is especially good because studies show that your top customers purchase four times more often than new ones.

5) Makes the Website Experience Personal

Smart content crafts a website into a personal space for each visitor by serving content based on device type, referral source, gender, country etc. The content basically suggests the next best step for each consumer/visitor and lends a personal touch to a returning audience. For example, A visitor from Ohio will automatically see the company’s Ohio address in case he wants to find the “contact us” information on the website. A returning consumer sees a personalized welcome message or token of appreciation on the website when he logs in, maybe even a special discount.

It may sound complicated to customize each page for every customer, but this type of information is easily gathered by content and data analysis.

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