Buying Guides Creation

Smart Marketing With Effective Buying Guides.

Producing buying guides requires a lot of effort from the content team. Each writer needs to research and deeply understand the product. It’s a challenge for a small team to build a library of buying guides and other long-form content.

CrewMachine gives you all the tools you need to create effective buying guides at scale: keyword suggestions, multiple content formats to choose from and creative control tools.

Simplified for Usability

CrewMachine automatically finds the top search queries that buyers use to look for your product. Then, based on your product inventory, it suggests a list of recommended titles for creative guides that will provide value to your readers and, ultimately, lead to more conversions.

Feature Comparison

Choose from various content formats to help buyers make informed purchase decisions. Identifying different type of products belonging to the same category, CrewMachine generates templates for product comparison charts. These side-by-side comparisons include features, ratings and prices, all key components of customer education.

Creative Control

To write an effective buying guide, it’s important to maintain an unbiased and informative tone. CrewMachine offers tools like creative briefs and negative filters to exercise editorial control over writing teams. The result is a consistent, on-brand tone that leads to more continuity and conversions.

From Learning to Buying

A buying guide educates consumers and offers them guidance towards making an informed purchasing decision. CrewMachine includes multiple buying guide templates that help readers narrow down their options. These guides send newly-informed buyers to your product and category pages, increasing the chance of successful conversions.

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