[Infograph] Boost Conversion & Readership With Digital Images

by | Jun 24, 2016 | Ecommerce

The importance of including an image in your next piece of online content is hard to overstate. Even the most exciting content can be really boring without a dash of color to break the text into more readable sections, add some interesting visuals, show off product details and bring the words to life.

What can an image do for your content?

A Facebookpost that includes an image yields more than 1/3 more clicks than a post without an image. Press releases that includes an image or video gets almost 50% more views than a press release of just words, and an article that is posted with an image sees almost double the number of page views vs an article without an image.

If your website includes ecommerce, images are even more important. Online shoppers want to look at the product, see every detail, and maybe even see the product in use. Simply reading a list of product features in the product description doesn’t provide enough information for today’s online shoppers.

What is your team doing to create awesome images?

How is your site creating or curating images to support your content? Do you have other resources that should be added to this list? How about a funny example of the same image used in very different contexts?



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