Attribute Collection

Your Products: Rich with Attribute Data.

Your product catalog is the backbone of your e-commerce business. Buyers can’t look at your products in person, so your catalog has to be search-engine optimized (so people can find your product), enticing (so they want to buy it), and informative (so they understand exactly what they’re buying). CrewMachine has special tools to ensure that your product descriptions meet all these goals.

When you import an existing catalog into CrewMachine, it uses content mapping algorithms to determine what type of catalog you have and suggests a category-specific product attributes list. The types of attributes it might suggest include brand, size, and color. Once you’ve approved the product attributes list and added any brand-specific product specifications, CrewMachine does a gap analysis. This process automatically identifies which product descriptions are missing attributes so you can update them and fill in the gaps. Attribute-rich descriptions: customized and automated. Just like that.

Product Specification Attributes:

Product specification attributes describe precise information about the product you’re selling. For example, ‘women’s v-neck T-shirt’ or ‘boys’ formal slacks’ help the buyer know what kind of product he’s found and also entice him to click. These attributes help keep your catalog organized. Get as granular or as high-level as you wish when you define your product specification attributes.

Product Class Attributes:

These qualities define a product based on its category and help to group similar products together, much as departments do in a bricks-and-mortar store. Examples of product class attributes include, ‘apparel’, ‘hardware’ and ‘toys’. These classifications act as signposts for your buyers to drill down into the correct category and find what they’re looking for.

Creative Attributes:

This class of attribute focuses on how the product will be used. It answers the questions ‘who?’ and ‘when?’. Providing information about the product such as season, occasion or age group, creative attributes help narrow down search results and deliver the correct audience for the product. These attributes also help buyers envision using the product, therefore making it more enticing.

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