9 Must-Have Tools for Website, Blog & Social Content Creation

by | Dec 9, 2016 | Content Writing, Ecommerce

As content marketing grows, web developers continue to create content marketing tools that every marketer should be aware of. These website content creation tools give you an edge, providing inspiration and saving time and money in many areas of web marketing.

1) Hemingway EditorHemingway Editor

Web writing needs to be simple and clear. Named after the famous author who specialized in straightforward prose, Hemingway Editor identifies unnecessary complexity in your writing so that you can remove it. This app looks for complex sentence structures, common errors, passive voice and other markers of hard-to-read writing. Each issue is highlighted with a different color, providing a useful guide for the writer to improve.

2) CanvaCanva

This design software for non-designers gives the user access to professionally-designed templates, as well as thousands of stock images. Canva’s designs are useful for web content such as social media banners, blog graphics and presentations. Depending on your needs, Canva has a free option and a paid version.

3) Unsplash

Unsplash is a free stock photo site with high-resolution photos for your use. Because the images are licensed under the creative commons license, you are free to use, modify and publish any of these photos.

4) PixlrPixlr Editor

Pixlr is a free, high-quality photo editor that offers the level of functionality that most businesses need to edit their images. Add effects, crop, rotate and make simple touch-ups in a web-based tool.

5) Soovle

This web tool lets you enter any topic and gives you keyword suggestions from several top sites and search engines, such as Google, Bing and Amazon. When you need a little inspiration to find keywords variations, Soovle helps immensely. It also lists the current top search terms in alphabetical order, with icons showing where each term is trending.

6) Portent’s Content Idea GeneratorPortent Content Idea Generator

This simple web tool helps you create engaging and attention-grabbing headlines for your web content. Simply type in your topic to the Content Idea Generator and hit enter to get an idea. Click the refresh icon to get more ideas to inspire you.

7) Proofread.GrammarBaseProofread.Grammarbase

Upload your text into this web tool for a quick analysis of spelling and grammar. For more extensive editing services, you can hire Proofread.GrammarBase‘s editors to go over the text with a fine-toothed comb.

8) CoSchedule

CoSchedule helps organize campaigns and projects with an editorial calendar and workflow management tools.

9) GrammarlyGrammarly

Grammarly is a browser extension that automatically checks your writing for spelling and grammatical errors. It’s like having a proofreader over your shoulder at all times and improves your writing while catching typos. Even professional writers and editors use this tool to enhance their work.


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