5 Ways to Drive More Product Reviews on Amazon and eBay

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Amazon, eBay, Ecommerce

Let’s face it, a seller with positive reviews and good feedback will receive more interest from potential customers and see an increase in sales – the ultimate goal of any vendor/eCommerce site. Product reviews are positive influencers that help in building trust, goodwill and, in many cases, prompt the on-the-fence-buyer to make a purchase. With that in mind, we’ve put together five tips that’ll help with getting reviews on Amazon and eBay.

1. Reach out and Ask for Product Reviews

Write your review

The best strategy for getting reviews on Amazon or eBay is to reach out and ask. If you don’t request a review, there’s a chance you won’t get one. Meaning a customer might not go that extra mile for you and write a review. You need to give a little nudge and ask them gently to give some feedback if they are happy with the product. Send them an email with a link to the website and a request for a review.

2. Send Automated Emailers to Customers Asking for Feedback/Reviews

It’s tough to track down every customer and possible reviewer and ask for feedback. But it’s worth the effort. Several apps are available that you can use to send a polite email automatically asking them to write a review or give some feedback on the product. Many customers appreciate the effort and will be more inclined to write a positive review.

3. Woo the Consumer into Writing a Product Review for You

Sometimes, you need bait to entice consumers to write a review for you. This is one of the most popular ways of driving product reviews and in turn sales. Offers like: “write a review and get a chance to win xyz brand products worth $100.” Or have a pop up on the website that says “get additional 15% off on your next order by reviewing the previous purchase.” Such promotions often lead to an increase in reviews. Just be sure every one is from a legitimate purchaser.

Becoming a Top Seller4. Becoming a Top Seller on eBay and Amazon Drives Product Reviews

If you want plenty of positive product reviews, work at becoming a top seller on eBay and/or Amazon. Being a top rated seller is like a promise of reliability and good reputation. This status helps to increase sales, feedback and reviews.

5. Give Prominence to the Reviews on the Website

Reviews need to have ample visibility – if you hide them no one will be encouraged to write a review for you. Product pages should feature reviews prominently, where more people can read it and find out more about your service and the product. This transparency will encourage more consumers to buy from you and write their own reviews about the products they’ve purchased.


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