5 Proven-Methods to Create Content for a Consistent Customer Experience

by | Sep 18, 2016 | Content Writing, Ecommerce

It is no secret that customer relationships affect a business. Customers like to know about a product before they make a purchase. So, to keep sales high, customer-centric content is vital.

What is the Customer Experience?

You probably hear this phrase quite often. Some people feel it concerns digital experiences and interactions, while others believe customer experience is based on retail or customer service, or the time it takes to solve a problem. In reality, the customer experience is the cumulative impact of various interactions a customer has with a company and brand.

Customer Experience How Important is the Customer Experience?

Research has found that 60-percent of consumers are willing to pay more for a better experience. When customers are happy, they are more inclined to remain loyal to the brand. Another study found that 89-percent of consumers stop buying from a company after they have a poor experience. Competition is fierce, which is why it is important to take active steps to maximize customer satisfaction.

Ways to Maintain a Devoted Customer Base

1. Engage with Your Customers at the Right Time: Take care of your clients’ feedback in real time. Make sure they are getting all the support they need after they purchase a product. Proactive and well-timed customer engagement can deliver a great customer experience. Post-interaction can be done with various automated content management tools or through emails.

2. Value your Customers’ Preferences: While designing content, customer preferences play a significant role. Some may prefer straight-forward messages or a short video. Knowing what your customers prefer may require some data churning and observation, but it will allow you to create customer-centric content that will not only educate existing buyers but potential ones as well.

Customer Centric Templates3. Make Templates Your New Friend: Simplify the content development process by designing customer-centric templates. It not only makes your brand look professional but saves a lot of time. When content is different at each step of the customers ‘buying journey, they tend to move to other sites. Templates can streamline your process by offering clarity and a consistent brand message.

4. Understand Your Customers’ Behavior: The best way to improve the customer experience and to reach your target market is to know who they are, right down to every small detail. Good content is one that a customer can relate to throughout the entire purchasing process. Connecting with every customer is important. Take some time to study past purchases or online customer engagement stats to make compelling, meaningful content.

5. Mapping Your Content: Once you know what potential customers are looking for, create content that serves their needs. Fill in the gaps so that potential customers will not abandon their search and the ones who have already purchased will come back for more. By using clear and useful content, sales will take less time to convert.

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