11 Key Questions a Buyer Expects Your Product Page to Answer

by | Sep 9, 2016 | Ecommerce

While customers will surely appreciate your product, they will also evaluate it before making a purchase. Many customers also look for practical advice and assurance. With that in mind, we have put together a list of some questions that clients may ask. You can find many of these questions listed on the FAQ pages of some of the best eCommerce product pages currently online.

1. Why is shipping cost not mentioned with the price of the product?

This is a very common question which most customers will ask. Shipping costs usually vary depending on the amount of the total purchase made, its weight and the location it’s being shipped to.

2. How private is my information, especially card details?

Your card details are safer online than in many other retail stores as long as the online store uses a secure server for your order. A secure server is a computer that protects your personal and other card information by using software. Secure sites use encryption technology that transfers information from your system to the merchants.

Online Shopping Cart3. What is shopping cart for?

The goal of an eCommerce product page design is to enable customers to have a comfortable shopping experience. Hence, along with the ‘buy’ button, there is also an ‘add to cart/wishlist’ button.  By clicking this, you can store your items for later purchase. You don’t have to make a payment until you choose to check out. A shopping cart also allows you to remove the items, change quantities, and so on before checking out

4. What if I don’t get a confirmation after placing an order?

If you do not receive your order details in an email or text message within 24 hours, contact customer service. It might be that their system has not received the order, or it was rejected for some reason.

Product Delivery5. How long should it take to receive an order?

A third party is typically involved in the delivery of an order. Once you place an order, you should be given an expected delivery date. When calculating this date, few things are taken into consideration like packaging, transit time to the delivery provider and transit time to the delivery address. Many sites promise same-day delivery, which typically costs quite a bit more.

6. What about the return and exchange (if any) policy?

The return and exchange policy differs from one platform to another, and it also depends on the various categories. Shipping cost is usually not refundable. Return or replacement policies come with a time period, after which no returns will be accepted. Usually, products like lingerie (bottom-wear), baby care supplies, beauty and grooming products, liquids, personal hygiene, pet health and grooming products and some consumables have no return policy. Apparel and footwear items are often easily exchanged as a trial is required to get the right fit.

7. How can I cancel my order?

For this, you have to quickly! Once the order is placed, shipping is very fast and once the product has Shipp canceling an order will be difficult. It’s a good idea to call the company. If the call goes unanswered, write an email to the customer service department, using the Contact Us form or email address.

8. How do I get a refund?

If you plan to become one of the best eCommerce retailers, a visible refund, return and cancellation policy is crucial as customers want all the information readily available. Again return policies differ from website to website. Refunds are usually issued when a seller cannot provide a suitable replacement. In these cases, a full refund is typically provided once the item has been returned.

9. How genuine is your product?

With many platforms, sellers make an agreement that they will only sell genuine products. Violation of this rule will result in the exit of that seller from the platform. To ensure this, sample products are tested that are prone to complaints.

Online Deal10. How can you offer such attractive discounts?

Virtual stores can easily offer you 15% to 50% off retail, and still make a decent profit as the wholesale price of a brand-new item is typically 20% to 55% less than the retail price. Stores like this are usually entirely online and do not the expense of a brick and mortar store. Most of them feature overstocks, discontinued items, and other items that they can purchase at a discounted rate.

11. How can I redeem a coupon?

While checking out any item, there is a box that says ‘coupon code.’ You simply have to enter the appropriate coupon, promotion, discount or voucher code. Don’t forget to check for expiration dates whenever you find a coupon code to ensure it’s still valid.

Through product market analysis, it has been proven that when there is a communication gap between the buyer and the seller, the buyer usually moves on to a competitors site. If you want people to buy your stuff, you have to build a level of trust.

At CrewMachine we work on what the best eCommerce product pages should have. We have a talented pool of experts who aspire to bridge the gap between a customer and a seller, through many different strategies.


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