10 Quick Steps to Increase Conversions on Your Product Pages

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Ecommerce

10 Pro Tips for Product Page Optimization

In the e-commerce world, search engine optimization drives traffic to your site. The next logical step is product page optimization, the crucial process that drives sales. Follow these pro tips to improve your e-commerce content for better conversion rates.

1) Show All the Info Buyers Need

This includes the key features of the product, shipping costs and timelines, stock availability, warranty protection and any other important information. You’re trying to influence a buying decision, so help your reader by displaying as much pertinent information as possible.

2) Think About Your Pricing Display

Pricing DisplayMake sure the price is prominently displayed. If your pricing is lower than your competitors’, consider displaying both prices while the comparison is in your favor. When offering a discount or other promotion, be sure to include the original price and the deadline for the offer as an incentive to act quickly.

3) Create an FAQ Section

This section informs and educates the reader to make a better purchasing decision. When all their questions are answered, buyers feel more confident and know what to expect from their transactions.

4) Use High-Quality Product Photos

High-quality product photos help the viewer understand the product and visualize owning it. Be sure to include different angles and, if applicable, colors or styles. A zoom feature is helpful to allow the viewer to focus on whichever portion of the product is of most interest.

5) Use Trust Badges and SSL Certificates

Sharing credit card information over the internet can feel risky. Displaying security precautions and trust badges helps encourage confidence in your buyers, who are then more likely to buy with confidence.

Customer Reviews

Reviews have a powerful influence on our buying decisions

6) Post Customer Reviews

Humans are social creatures and reviews have a powerful influence on our buying decisions. When a buyer sees that many others have had a positive experience with your company, he is more likely to trust you.

7) Post Compelling Product Descriptions

The trick here is to focus less on the features of a product and more on its benefits. When a customer can picture herself enjoying the benefits of your product, she’s more likely to purchase it than if she’s simply given a bland list of features. Look at your product pages from the point of view of the customer, with a view to understanding how she will benefit from the product.

8) Use Product Videos

A well shot video gives an excellent preview of the look and feel of a product and its use. Make sure your videos look professional and give a clear message about the benefits and uses of the product.

9) Get Social

Along with reviews, social media profiles boost your credibility with would-be buyers. Use social media sites as an opportunity to share reviews from happy customers and promote upcoming deals.

10) Get Busy

Or, at least, look busy. Listing out-of-stock items, limited quantities and sold-out items gives the impression of brisk business with a lot of traffic and turnover. This encourages buyers to act quickly when they see something they like.


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